Friday, December 05, 2008

So you think you can dance Canada - Final Four

After 3 months of competition (and it seems like only last month we started), we finally got down to the Final Four and the last dances before the final vote on the penultimate episode of So you think you can dance Canada . This week it was all about finding that one great dancer and I really think it was pretty obvious who had the goods after all was said and done.

I loved that we had Dan Karaty back at this important time, and I loved his opening number that was all very insane Mad Hatter influenced and had some great flow and cane work. The dancers did a great job but per usual Nico shined. There is nothing that they have thrown at him that the guy has not been able to handle.

It was a great mix of everyone paired up with everyone (in every combination possible including boy/boy and our 2 girls together) and it was a lot of choreography and practice to pick up in one week. The judges were very supportive last night of all of the dancers, and even when Miles blanked on some of the choreography in his number with Natalli, the judges brushed it off and told him to do the same and just to do his thing. It was very kind, but at the same time you knew that was going to be a factor at the end of the night when it came to voting.
Allie did very well for the evening, and I really think that she will be in second place once the do the first part of the elimination and Natalli and Myles are thanked and commended for their hard work and talent. Her contemporary number with Nico was breathtaking and I love her lines. She really has gone out of her element but brings such a natural grace and beauty to everyone dance that she performs. Natalli did an okay job, but was not as consistent as Allie over the evening and I think that maybe an influence at voting time. Miles did manage to get some good stuff out but was overwhelmed at times. Miles is astounding and has gone really far from his style, but ultimately it will be Nico who wins the big prize and gets the title. He doesn't even drive (which is not unusual for us urban dwellers who are used to transit and making our way around this great city), so it's kind of ironic that he wins the car but who cares? He's a great dancer and has been great to watch.

I can hardly wait until the big finale Sunday night -- I voted until I lost count this past Wednesday and am looking forward to seeing all the Top Ten perform again and the return of Mia Michaels and Mary Murphy to the panel. If this keeps up they will have to give Mary dual citizenship so she can be a regular on our show. Good luck Nico!