Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Rant – Get ME out of here!

iac needle I have been laughing my ass off watching the insane antics on I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here! and all of the stupid and ridiculous challenges that seem to put more flora and fauna in danger than the so called celebrities. The Snake strike challenge was too much and was it any surprise that the snakes were trying to escape? The whole mud pit challenge was just as whack with the crocodiles that seemed to be everywhere at the beginning and then conveniently gone after. After all of that I was almost crying when poor Janice got ousted at the end of last week. I was really hoping to see her hang around and get tortured a tad more before losing. If I am rooting for anyone, it will be our sexually ambiguous singer Sanjaya to win the cash for his charity, but does he seriously think that he is straight? – even Janice can read the writing on the wall with that one but he is so much in denial and it is all just as clueless as his singing. I still don’t understand why the other Baldwin is still there but it is such a car wreck of a show that I can’t help myself… I just love bad TV. I can hardly wait until it ends, it’s sucking up too much of my valuable time!

Speaking of which – I am starting to get peeved that I can’t find some of my favourite shows online and can no longer see this season of Tori & Dean- Home Sweet Hollywood – it really sucks as the files are usually available on line and I may have to wait for the show to come out on DVD to catch up – I never understand why some shows are harder to find to download when you think that the producers want people to see the show – too bad for them and it looks like I am losing something off the Watch List.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE:Vitolio Jeune (L) and Asuka Kondoh (R) perform a Waltz choreographed by Louis Van Amstel on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Wednesday, June 17 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mathieu Young/FOX So you think you can Dance ? is really burning up the screen this round (and I can’t believe that they will start the next round right after this one – it doesn’t give much time for this winner to be America’s favourite dancer, but the competition is so stunning that I can hardly wait for more. My biggest concern was on the performance night and I saw that it looked like Cat’s old stylist had done another bad choice with that hideous red dress that she was wearing. Thankfully it was not around for the Results night, but if she starts wearing all those hideous gowns again she will need some serious fashion therapy. After last week’s poor showing, I was in literal awe over the beauty and flow (and not to mention the emotion) of the beautiful Waltz that was performed by Asuka and Vitolio. I am still surprised by the curious and strangely almost incestuous relationship between SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars (and that terrible Superstars of Dance show) that are all produced by Nigel and Co. It’s just weird and wonderful to see dancers leave one show for another and to see choreographers like Louis Van Amstel come over to this show. I do have to agree that this show has probably done more for dance than others and it really is turning into an incredible showcase of world dance.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Kayla Radomski (L) and Max Kapitannikov (R) perform a Pop Jazz routine choreographed by Brian Friedman on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Wednesday, June 17 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mathieu Young/FOX The Judges have some very tough decisions, and this week I disagree again with their choice of guy that was eliminated, I thought that Max did an incredible job with the Brian Friedman choreography (just amazing) but because he was a “different” character (meaning he seemed kind of gay) was the reason that he got bumped. Jason should have been hitting the road after that terrible Shane Spark’s number (I was not a big fan of Shane this week and thought he was the weakest choreographer) and Phillip was closer to elimination with his troubles with the Tango. A few of the guys really stepped it up and I was stunned by the speed of the disco number and Brandon – wow – I assumed the guy was a gym bunny and it seems all those muscles are hard earned dancing.I was happy that Kupuno was not eliminated this week (he had a close call though) as he has a certain style and flair all his own, and I love how he can adapt to different styles. He was a tad lazy in his solo and that was problematic. I was pretty sure that Ashley was toast after a lacklustre solo (it was not even close to dancing for her life) and was not surprised that she was booted. The competition is great this year and it has already been astounding to watch. I was raving over the Mia Michael’s number that opened the results show and can hardly wait to see her take on one of the couples, and it was so cute to see home land girl Stacey Tookey hitting the US show after being such a success on SYTYCD Canada.

rome-kanda-japanese-game-show I was thrilled with the return of I survived a Japanese Game Show this week after the latest instalment of Wipeout. I am still fascinated with the Japanese culture and their weird shows, and Majide is still as wild and fun as ever. It’s really hard to take some one seriously when they are dressed in some of the ridiculous costumes (the rabbits were hilarious) but I love all the creatively humiliating costumes and wacky wacky games. Those Japanese people are damn strange sometimes… they really like to humble the Americans and I know that they love seeing the big guy Bobaloo in tights and running around as much as it probably frightened me. I will be watching with much gusto how things work out and to see Mama-San and Judge Bob deal with these poor contestants. It is a bit more interesting that the winners get some really fun prizes and that the losers will have to do same damn disgusting ones, so it should hopefully eliminate some of the worst players to start with. Luckily it was the prima donna Kimberly that got eliminated this week and Sayonara, back to America for her. It will be fun to see how badly the other players want to win. Hard to say who can win, but Drew is the big kind of athletic guy that might be able to do it, but you never know… hai majide!

jef_char_07 Burn Notice has been so much fun to watch this season, and it feels better than the awkward chemistry of last year. Michael seems to be getting more at ease with his friends helping out, there seems to be better sparks with Fiona (and those 2 are so great together) and it feels like the first season again. I love Michael’s deadpan explanations on how he can MacGyver things together and all the different insights into being a spy, and how he can observe and piece things together and make it work for him. The stories have been building up some great tension with the new thorn in Michael’s side, dear Detective Paxson, who seems to think that it is her mission to know all about our ex Spy.The show has this sexy feeling to it that goes perfectly with Miami and is just the perfect fare for the hot season.

expeditionafrica I am still playing catch up with a few things and enjoying the relaxed summer schedule, and looking forward to seeing some of the last episodes of Samantha Who? (I think it was stupid to cancel the show, it was well written) and more of Better off Ted, one of the funniest things that I have seen in quite awhile. I have been finding the Expedition Africa show interesting as I am fascinated with the land and culture, but am starting to find the cast of characters a tad stunned. They all seem way out of their element for so called professionals that have done this a million times before, but they all seem so poorly prepared for things like wild animals and the search for water. I am not sure if it is the editing that drags down the episodes, but there is weird chemistry between the cast of characters and the flow is just strange. Good premise and poor execution, it kind of reminds me of Pirate Master from last season.This week will also premiere Triple Sensation on CBC and the premise looks interesting for a reality show as it is anchored in the performing arts and is the search for the next and best Broadway type performer who can sing, act and dance. The first episode will decide if I chose to follow this journey as well. Here’s hoping the show is interesting and it showcases some more of the fabulous talent here in Canada!