Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Rant – Return to Greatness

After a very busy couple of weeks and some much needed time in the sun (it’s been a rare thing in this neck of the woods) things have been burning up the TV (LCD) screen with the new season of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) and the second season of So you think you can Dance Canada?(SYTYCDC). Acronyms aside, some of the best dance that has been seen on TV is happening right now and it makes for some great viewing.

artistry-in-motion-2397 ABDC has a great mix of Crews, and while I was a tad upset that Artistry in Motion was eliminated. The girls were hot and who cares if they don’t have the supermodel type shapes that only a small amount of the population actually has but try to make it some unrealistic ideal. Girls with curves that know how to work it and move are damn hot, and these divas did not deserve to go after their kick ass Beyonce Challenge routine. I am very impressed that our gay gay gay Vogue Revolution (complete with a transsexual that was hotter than almost all of the other girls) is being accepted by the public and let loose. It’s time for Hip Hop and other genres to be more open to gay culture and let it assimilate it’s self into some of these reality competitions. Why not have same sex couples dancing with all the traditional couples? It just adds more flavour and makes the shows more interesting.It’s not like dance and music are not associated with gay culture and there have been tons of artists that have benefited from a gay choreographer or writer or dancer. Lil’ Momma seems very open to the gay thing and it’s nice to see, should I be reading between the lines on this one?

sytycdcmtl So you think you can Dance Canada? has been great with the auditions all over Canada in the past couple of weeks. Tonight will be the selection of the Top 20, and the regular competition and voting starts this week until we into Top Ten territory. The auditions were incredible, and once again had that particular Canadian flavour that is not found in the American version. A lot less exploitation of the bad dancers and the idiots that come out to make fools out of themselves, and hugs from the Judges as they congratulate some of the dancers that are selected to go on to the Final Selection in Toronto. I was happy to see that once again we have Mary, Mia and Lil’ C mixing in with our Canadian Panel. As always, I am humbled to see such incredible talent and it will be very hard to get down to that magical 20 from the dancers that remain. I hope to see some local talent there as a few of them were incredible at the auditions, in fact Mia offered to marry one, that is how astounding he was. Things will be getting even hotter this season it looks, but it seems that a few of the mainstays from last year are no where to be seen and it will be interesting to see which choreographers will be working their magic with our gang this season.

danielwin Lifetime has made my life complete with the long awaited return of Project Runway after a lengthy court battle over distribution rights and it’s surprising defection from Bravo. There is no other show that has the right balance of creativity and competition, and welcoming back Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina back home was fantastic after a long hiatus. Too long, and Runway was back with a vengeance this week in a whole night event. Things started off with the fabulous All Star Challenge, reuniting a few of my favourite past designers and a feeling of familiarity that has been missing for aeons. Not only was one of my favourites there, Daniel, but he actually won (great work) this time around and it was nice to see how he has matured and evolved as a designer. These kinds of events are always hit and miss and of course, Santino the blathering idiot was there to make more bad clothes and flaunt his ego, and poor Chris had me in hysterics with his narcolepsy and how he was so shocked to even be there. Chris is too modest for his own good and I loved his avant-garde collection. Poor Kato is relegated to perpetual runner up, but her stuff is amazing and very well done. I think that Uli was the biggest surprise and I really liked her stuff. I was really disappointed with Jeffrey and was wondering why he was there, there were other designers I would have loved to have seen but maybe some of them were not interested in participating. Congratulations to Daniel once again! As cute as ever :)

pr6-ep1-rr-ch-kojii-f This new season started off just like old times and this year it’s another messy bunch of designers that are usually easily identifiable due to a much hyped tick, phobia or other thing that stands out for each and every one of them. After the inaugural episode I have identified so far: Space Cadet (who got Aufed at the end of this episode), X-Meth Man, Retro Girl, Yugoslavian woman, the Feather Queen, Qristal with a Q (WTF?) and older Rasta Guy. More will come to me as things progress, but I liked the mix of designers and the change to LA for this round. Everything felt familiar enough, and I like the small addition of the extra 30 minutes with the models and their quest to be paired with the winning designer and get the magazine cover and some cash. Models of the Runway means that our designers will be fighting back and forth over some of the models, and those who can’t walk the walk will be out of the game sooner than later as none of the designers will want them. I still find some of the girls terribly thin in a not good way but the show might give some insight into how hard the competition is for these girls and how much they have to do and put up with to be there. I still wonder how much they get paid to do this.

Joan Rivers is still killing me with her new series How’d you get so rich? and her point blank questions to the people with the money. Joan gives an honest reaction and I have to agree with her when I see some old rich guy with a young wife and know that it involves her getting jewellery to bump uglies with the old guy. It ain’t love that’s one thing. It’s still fun to see how some of these people did make it big time and it can be inspirational to see how far some people have gone with hard work and a good idea. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have good taste, but the cash to do what they want.

Top-Chef-Masters-Season-1-110-Rate-The-Plate-Rick-Bayless-02 Top Chef Masters finished off with a delicious looking biography of our Chefs and a tough decision by the Judges to decide that Rick Bayless was the winner due to his incredible Mole sauce. I thought our French Chef, Hubert was going to take home the big prize, but Rick beat him and Michael by only a point or 2. I still think that Michael got shafted by Judge James Oseland (again) after making some incredible food and I think it is more a personality clash than anything else. The show was great and it had made me want to check out this season of Top Chef in Vegas and although it is not Masters, I have enjoyed the Challenges and seeing how great and imaginative the Chefs are. Hopefully they will repeat this experience as it is always fascinating to see how incredible some of these culinary masters are.

On the SyFy side of things, Eureka is as charming as ever and it’s nice to see Carter getting some action finally. The guy is too sexy to be wasted as single. Warehouse 13 is starting to grow on me and if they can continue crafting some interesting stories it will keep my interest.

The new Fall schedule will be starting soon and I am looking forward to some returning shows and getting back in to regular full seasons. I love some of my Summer fare but find the seasons too short, you start getting in to a series and before you know it it’s time for it end and be gone for another year.