Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top Ten of 2009 - Best in Show

LOST logo#1 - Lost – The mythology that this series has created, and it’s fascinating (and very complex) universe have kept me enthralled since the first episode, and as things are getting ready to wrap up this final season, I am literally on pins and needles wondering how all this is going to work out. With all of the different storylines going on and the insidious knots between all of them, this show makes your head spin but it is a great ride. This is the best written thing on TV, the most complex and enthralling story that I have seen since Twin Peaks, and it will be a sad day once it is finished. Thankfully, I have my Dharma Orientation Kit to help clear up some of the basic points but I am dying to know more about the mysterious statue on the Island and how it all ties into Richard and Jacob and Locke. Has time been changed by the group in the past or has it already happened for the present day events to be taking place? All these paradoxes will not be answered until February. One of the Best Shows ever!

#2 - Glee – It is probably no surprise that this show is way up at near the top of the list, it has an amazingly talented cast, great songs and writing and every episode has made me smile. I have been literally blown away by the quality of the performances and a special nod to Rachel (Lia Michele) and the over the top Sue (Jane Lynch) who surprise me each episode. I love that the leading guy is Canadian, and it is so cool to have a character like Kurt (played by the fabulous Chris Colfer) that is a positive gay role model for teens. This is way beyond the sanitary High School Musical, and is a more realistic representation of a modern High School and the real problems that real teens have to face. It has been a long time since there has been a musical series on the air, and the ratings seem to be holding well so I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a full season or three.

#3 - Supernatural - The Apocalypse storyline has been fantastic, and our brothers are learning that they need to rely on each other as it all goes to Hell. The duality of the Winchesters and their fight against the big bad Evil is all gripping stuff and has even been heart wrenching as those around them pay a heavy price for this ultimate good vs. evil battle, but there is still hope on the horizon. The great thing is that even with the end of the world, the guys have still managed to skate a fine line with some very funny stuff tempering all of the bad, and they are both so damn funny and sexy it is a worthwhile diversion each week. I have jumped out of my skin several times this past season as there has been some great horror writing, but I think the parody stuff that they do (The TV episode was hilarious with Dr.Sexy) and all of the geek stuff like the Fan Conventions and all the tongue in cheek self references like the book series is what makes the series so much fun. I hope this is not the final season and we can see more adventures with the Winchesters.

#4 - Doctor Who - This past season was extremely short due to the limited availability of David Tennant, but they did manage to wrap up a few storylines and end the series on an emotional note. This current series was my first experience with the Doctor, and I have loved all the different trips that we have been on over the past 5 years. I will miss that sassy humour ( I am still chuckling over the “ Worst rescue ever” line from the finale) and the quick wit that comes with a well written story, and this series has forever changed my view of sci fi. I must admit that I have been spoilt with this well crafted series, and I have some trepidation to check out the new adventures when they start, but have to say that I have been smitten by a masterful series and hope to see more of these Who Universe Characters. I don’t know if Russell T. Davies will be involved with any of the other characters, but I am hoping for better resolution with our friends from Torchwood. It feels strange to mourn for a character that is gone but not really dead, just completely changed in to some one new.

#5 - Bones- The story lines this year were back on track as Brennan and Booth continue their awkward mating dance. I know they like to keep the sexual tension going (it seems to be the thing in this genre of show), but it would be nice to see them actually hook up, and not just in dream land. The rotating interns have been a hilarious addition to the cast this year, and this show seems to get better with each season as the ensemble gels more and more. Not only does this show have some of the most creative episode names ( The Dwarf in the Dirt), but the interaction between all of the cast is so hilarious that the comedic side really helps temper all of the death that permeates this series. I still want to see Hodgins and Angela get back together, but all the various distractions with Angela along the road have been hilarious. Cam has rounded things out nicely as the mostly no nonsense kind of boss (with mixed results) and I will say it again, I am still convinced that Sweets is not all that he appears and may turn out to be the new Gormogon who has been curiously absent this past season… so far.. anyways… the series is highly underrated and David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are not given enough credit, they are damn funny and sexy together.

#6The Big Bang Theory – This has to be the King of the Geek shows, and I love the intellectual/scientific and geek humour and the great way they are developing each of the characters as the show grows. I am really happy to see the balance between Penny and Leonard, and even happier that they have not ignored the comedic genius of Johnny Galeki (Leonard) who is a tad more subtle than Sheldon but can really deliver some killer lines. The balance of his relationship with Penny (who has really learned how to hold her ground and kick some geek butt) and Sheldon is priceless and over the top most of the time. The comedic timing is killer on this series, and I love how they have been rounding out the Raj and Howard characters and making a better synergy amongst our herd of geeks and the hot chick. The recent appearance of Christine Baranski as Leonard’s mother was hilarious and I am hoping to see more of her. I would kill to have half of the geek stuff that litters their apartment (not to mention have their cash for all that loot) and Sheldon has go to have one of the best tee shirt collections, ever.

#7 - Smallville – I am not the only one that noticed that this show is so much better sans Lana and all the emotional tripe that came with that character. Erica Durance’s portrayal of Lois is dead on and she has created the right balance with our hero in the making. I wish that they would go more towards his costume instead of the black crap, and they really need to let the guy fly (it’s ridiculous that he is not yet at this point) but they are writing some good stories, and I have been loving the guest appearances by other heroes (well, the Smallville versions) from the DC Universe. This year’s storyline is interesting, they do seem to be trying to find a balance with all the characters but I still find that they are a tad harsh on Chloe. I am digging the whole Watch Tower idea and having a central point to coordinate everything, but they seem to be having a problem fleshing her character out more into the Oracle inspired one that they are working with. I do like seeing Chloe getting a bit more cutthroat about things (her rehab of Ollie was priceless), but get tired of the keeping secrets crap with her and Clark. There is a ton of emotional baggage on this show that makes things a tad too teenage-drama, but things are maturing slowly but surely.None the less, this season is really surprising me and I can hardly wait to see the upcoming event with the Justice Society! Is it too much to ask for more Clark in tights?

#8Better off Ted – The pacing of this show and the hysterical cast of characters at Veridian Dynamics have made this show a real chuckle fest each time is has played. I loved the first episodes and the introduction of Ted, Linda, Lem, Phil and Veronica and the strange corporate entity that they work for. Ted is the “straight man” of the group, playing the glue that tries to hold it all together, but it is Veronica (Portia De Rossi) who steals the show as the tough as nails/cold hearted bitch that runs everything. Everyone fears her, and she is priceless as she quips things like “God, you people are paranoid. No wonder the company has to secretly manipulate you.” The series has no qualms about being politically correct, and has confronted different issues about the workplace from office romances to genetically manipulating the employees. I really hope this series is around for a few more seasons, it’s has been a hilarious ride so far, and I love the fake commercials from Veridian that pepper the series. Making your world better. Whether you want us to or not.

#9Modern Family – It is a big change for the Top Ten list this year as there are several comedies that made the list, and this show has been hilarious since it’s premieire episode. I initially checked it out as I wanted to see how the gay couple was going to be portrayed, and was so pleasantly surprised with Cameron & Mitchell and the baby adoption storyline (which must be making some Fundamentalist heads spin) which has been very well protrayed. The characters are hilarious and Cam saying “ Yes, I've gained a few extra pounds while we were expecting the baby... but that's science. You can't fight it.” had me rolling on the floor and I was instantly addicted to this show. The combination of all of the extended family (including Shelly Long as the ex wife) has had me laughing my ass off, and hats off to the daughter Alex, who steals many an episode with her dead pan delivery of intellectual zingers that mystify her less brainy brother and sister.Good writing always makes for a funny show and the writers are fantastic, and the cast very, very funny.

#10 -DollHouse– I have to say that I worship at the altar of Joss Whedon, and even though the series is being cancelled, and the premise a little sensitive (and a tad unsettling at times), I have loved the development of characters and the weird and wonderful universe that Joss has created and will miss yet another show once it is finished burning off the last episodes. Eliza Dushku is stunning as Echo, and I have really enjoyed seeing Tahmoh Penikett since his appearances in Battlestar Galactica, but the real revelation has been Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt. She is an extreme force to watch out for and has really turned into a fascinating character. As expected, the series was not well received by the general public, and it’s a shame as it is well written and fascinating to watch. I love getting spoiled and seeing other actors from some of the other series that Joss has done who have appeared on the show, and hope to see Joss writing another TV series soon. There is a void on the air that can only be filled by him.

Almost made the List: Sarah Jane Adventures, Burn Notice, Chuck, Eureka

Brilliant yet cancelled: Pushing Daisies, Samantha Who?, MadTV, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Battlestar Galactica (all things must end unfortunately)

Fallen from Grace: Torchwood, Heroes

Biggest Disappointment: DollHouse (yup it made the list but stumbled terribly and was too hit and miss... a shame..., Stargate Universe, V, Flash Forward

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