Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Rant – The beginning of the end

glee2 I am still playing catch up with several shows (most notably 24 and CSI) and have been in full blown End of Season mode all this week as a whole whack load of my shows on the Watch List are already wrapping things up as this season winds down. It’s already a Win Some / Lose Some situation as it’s a shame to see some shows go (already?) but it will also herald the beginning of the Summer season and the return of favourites such as So you think you can Dance? and WipeOut. There are a few new things of the horizon as well and Glee looks like my kind of show. All that will be checked out in the upcoming weeks. It’s a busy time of the year.

Desperate Housewives is following up on some of the storylines (the Jackson/Susan wedding is too stoopid for words) and developing others in an attempt to create some tension and get things all built up for the end of this season, but has left me the impression that there is much frantic grasping at straws and trying too hard. I think they are going in the right direction of trying to streamline things, but need to get back to the the core characters and the challenges of being desperate and a housewife. I hope the next death is Orson… his character has had it’s time.

57 Dancing with the Stars pissed me off so much the other week with the untimely dismissal of Lil’ Kim that I was holding my breath to see who would make it to the finale and didn’t want to make any predictions in case I was sending out the wrong vibes. I still can’t believe that Ty got to hang around for another round and one of the best dancers ever was sent home. I will never understand bone head moves like that, and one of the reasons I avoid voting shows like American/Canadian Idol where it turns into a popularity contest instead of being judged on talent and ability. All that being said and done… I know that I have whined about Melissa and her lack of celebrity, but I am pulling for her and Tony to win because I like them, and think that they have great chemistry together. Besides, as sexy as Gilles is, I am not too fond of Cheryl and would rather see someone else win. I don’t think Mark and Shawn have as much of a chance due to entertainment factor. Shawn is cute, she just doesn’t connect as well with the viewers.

jonathanwaud1 Make me a Supermodel has been true to form and the real candidates for the title are becoming the front runners. I think it is interesting that Salome resembles last year’s winner (Holly) and has been winning the majority of the challenges. Jonathon was doing incredible but seemed to loose some of his glow this week (that makeover was not a good idea) and I was very pleased that the really bitchy girls are gone. Like last season, the boys last longer than the girls but it will be hard to say if one of them will win the big prize… I’d still love to see Jonathon win, even if there aren’t that many male supermodels.

Survivor - Tocantins has finally granted my wish and that knob Coach is finally voted out. I am pulling for Taj to surprise all and win the big prize, she has played a great game. I am wondering if JT will be able to fight off all the other players for the final Immunity, I have the feeling that if he doesn’t win it he will be voted off before the final Tribal Council. It’s been another good season and I feel sorry for the Jury being saddled with Coach, but better them than me.

Smallville disappointed with an impotent finale that just left a bad taste in my mouth. Jimmy dead? What? I sure as hell hope that Lois travelling through time will help rsn-800X600emedy that situation… I was really disappointed with the small battle with Doomsday, the yucky Justice League that just posed and flexed and did nothing, and the whole Clark abandoning Chloe after her shitty storyline. I know the show is coming back next year, but they better make sure the Clark grows a pair and stops being such a knob. The guy is supposed to be an inspiration and a hero and not some schmuck. There was way too much build up for a story that never seemed to be all bark and no bite.

Supernatural had the potential for a hell of an ending and left me begging for more… as any good ending should and while it ended abruptly, I know that the show is already back for next season and can hardly wait to see how things turn out. The writing was phenomenal this season but I hope to get back more of the lighter side of the series and more of the dead pan humour. The guys are too multi faceted to waste on just angst, sacrifice and anger.