Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dancing with the Stars – Week 9

kim3 Last week was a bit of a surprise with Chuck leaving and Melissa miraculously surviving elimination after that terrible rehearsal tape that the Judges had to critique from. This week is was all about finding the Top 4 and each of our dancers has to do 2 dances (one ballroom and the other Latin) and has to do a solo as part of the performance.

We did get treated to a some nice group numbers by the pros and the quality of dance was incredible last night. I LOVE seeing Dmitri and Lacey in the numbers… those too can really dance and I am hoping to see them around next season. The camera really loves Lacey though and she knows how to work it. Snap.

Melissa & Tony - Viennese Waltz & Samba

Melissa redeemed herself after last week and actually was the leader at the end of the night. She was very graceful in the first dance, but I was not as fond of her Samba but have to give huge props to Tony, he did a great job and it looked like they were having a lot of fun. I am pretty sure that they will be back next week but not sure she will take the trophy home.

Ty & Chelsie – Argentinean Tango & Rumba

Ty has a certain quirky charm that has brought him far, but Chelsie was doing the really heavy lifting in both of the dances and he just feels awkward. The Rumba was cute, and it looked like he was planning on getting it on with Jewel after the show as he gave his best moves and a kiss to her.The guy is a charmer though and the Judges gave him decent scores, but he is more than likely the one to be eliminated tonight.

Shawn & Mark - Quick-Step & Paso Doble

The dynamic duo upped their game last night and did 2 great numbers that put them just under the leader on the scoreboard. The only criticism that I have with Shawn is her upper body shape (she is built like a linebacker) and it gives her strange shapes at times, but she is so precise it kills me and is really having fun with Mark. I hope to see these 2 next week, but you never know with the voters…

Gilles Marini & Cheryl – Foxtrot & Rumba

In some ways it appears that the love affair that the Judges have with Gilles has cooled slightly and they are being more critical on him, but all for the right reasons as he is tied for second place and is hanging right near the Top spot. I wasn’t that impressed with their Foxtrot, but was quite impressed with the Rumba. Gilles couldn’t out sexy Lil’ Kim this week but he came damn close. Is it just me or does it seem that more than one Star is afraid of Cheryl? There is just something about her that irks me.

Lil' Kim & Derek – Waltz & Salsa

I can’t believe the range that Lil’ Kim has and how she can adapt to each dance style – it is very astounding considering her hip hop back ground and that damn sexy vibe that she brings to everything. I loved her Waltz but that woman brought the house down with her Salsa. I don’t care if she got too into it – it was bootilicious fantastic and no one else can move like her. I’d really like to see her in the final 2 and win the competition.

I am looking forward to tonight's elimination and expect to be Cowboy free. But as I have said you never know... stranger things have happened...