Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Rant - Wrapping up this Year

The Top Ten of this year past TV season are on their way, and I just wanted to make a couple of points before working on the lists. Things finished off with more of a whimper than a bang this past couple of weeks, and with all the flurry of holiday activities, there hasn't been much time to voice my opinion over a few of the shows that finished up.

First of all, I am pretty disappointed with this last round of So you think you can Dance? and it has left a bad taste in my mouth. I have the new stage and background (just vile), the new combination of Judges (Adam is way to long winded for me) and I miss having other guest judges filling in or assisting, I have no idea why Nigel was trying so hard to get that ditz Paula Abdul on the panel, and I hated the change in format. Things went better before and I hope that the next round gets back so of the energy the show used to have. I still think that Jakob should have won, but it is more about America's Favorite Dancer and not the most talented one. Rumour has it that this group will not even get to do the Tour so was this season even worth it?

Survivor finished up a great season, and I was happy that Russell did not win. I prefer the players that are under the radar and not as agressive, but he played a mean game. Playing that hard will pretty much ensure you that you will not win (no friends on the Jury), and I was really cheering for Brett in the last few rounds to see if one of the under dogs could win. Russell thought he had the best game plan, and I am still convinced that it was my favourite, Erik, who turned the tide towards Natalie and helped convince the rest of the Jury to vote for her. I still can't get over Russell's face when he saw he didn't win but there is a good chance he might be in the Heroes Vs Villains edition that is coming up next. All in all it was one of the best seasons in recent history and a real nail bitter.