Saturday, December 05, 2009

Weekend Rant - Wrapping things up for the Holidays

Things are slowing down on the viewing schedule as some of the shows fall into repeats or are off the air for several weeks or even months a the Winter Olympics will have some impact on the scheduling of a few shows. Things are wrapping up with a few of the mainstays such as this edition of Survivor (which has been one of the best seasons in years) and the Amazing Race. I was hoping for the gay brothers to win but doubt it will happen now as they have been tools the past couple of episodes. It looks like it could be another Chip 'n Dip fiasco, but you never know. So you think you can Dance is humming along, albeit not with all my favourite dancers, but a very fine bunch of contenders none the less. I am really hoping that Jakob will win, but the really talented dancers are not always those who win, as it is more of a popularity contest and sometimes the better dancers get eliminated so some one who is cuter or younger can win. Jakob has incredible technique, great extension ( his feet kill me) but may be a tad too gay for the general public ... time will tell.

Top Chef is finally down to the brothers Michael and Bryan (like I said from Day 1) and under dog and probable winner Kevin. The competition has been great and I was disappointed that Jennifer didn't make it to the Finale ( especially after the Judges were raving about her Duck and how ducky it was), but all the finalists have been great and it is pretty much any one's game at this time. I hope Kevin wins, I would take his home cooking style over the other two guys' any day, and he seems to make some very simple yet complex flavours.

Things will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks and holiday time -- more rantings to follow and some end of the year wrap ups.