Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SYTYCD Canada and SYTYCD - the return of the Rants

After a longer than expected absence, I am back to rant about a few things on the tube.

I was pretty peeved last night when Lauren and Rodrigo were sent home, I just can not understand why one of the sexiest and most masculine guys was kept around and they kept the Justin Beiber clone (JP) who has way less swag, but that is the public's choice. I will say that I have noticed a pattern over the past couple of weeks, and if one of the girls dances wearing a Sparkle Bra in the Dance for your life portion of the show, she is gone. Seriously, I am not sure if it is the costume department having some fun or if it is just some coincidence but I will be putting my theory to test with the next episode.

Both series have been great so far this year, and one of the best things has been the return of Mary Murphy to both judging panels. Mary gives that extra oomph to the proceedings, and I am glad that she is around full time on both shows, even if the Judges beside her risk to lose hearing in one ear.

In SYTYCD Canada, the best number had to be the Contemporary number danced by Melissa and Shane and choreographed by Sabrina Matthews. It was an astounding piece of work and I hope to see more of them. Bravo! This week I am looking forward to seeing the Top Ten in the US show get paired up with All Stars to start the next round.