Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SYTYCD Canada - Top 18

Last night the Top 18 danced their hearts out of our votes, and it was fun to see things shaken up and all of the couples were shuffled around. It was fantastic to see season 1 winner Nico Archambault on the Judging panel, and the hardest working woman in Reality TV, Mary Murphy was in fine form last night, keeping the panel in stitches and gushing over the great dancers here in Canada. I love how she is tweeting her heart out about the Canadian dancers. If this keeps up she will have to be given official resident status. I am still trying to figure out why Tré is on the panel as they keep changing her title ( I thought she was the Queen of Urban moves or something like that) and am curious if she is going to do some choreography this year and show why she is such an expert. I just wish that Jean -Marc would tone it down a bit, he just rambles at times and I can't follow him even if I speak English and French.

There were some incredible performances last night, and while most of the performances were great, there were 4 that really stood out and 2 of them got me to vote. Congrats to Denitsa and Matt for yet another fabulous Contemporary number choreographed by Sabrina Matthews (who is turning into one of my favourite choreographers this season), I tip my hat to Yuliya and François for that killer Mambo choreographed by Gustavo Vargas and since Franswag is a local boy he got some votes, I shook my groove thing with Lindsay and Shane with that FUN disco number choreographed by Melissa Williams, and the icing on the cake was the show ender and best of the night Contemporary number with Melissa and Joey and choreographed by Mandy Moore. The piece had such flow and it literally floated over the dance floor. It was really astounding and I voted till my fingers bled on this one, it was that good.

As for who I think will be in the bottom tonight, chances are we will see Adam & Geisha, Kevin & Carlena and Teya & Boneless. I will be on high Sparkle Bra Alert to see if my theory pans out.