Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Rant - Full Speed into the new season

The new shows are starting to appear on the viewing schedule, and before going on to what I am so hyped about for the new season, I wanted to finish off with one important thing:

Congratulations Jordan for winning So you think you can dance Canada! It was great to see one of my favourites from day 1 go all the way and take home the title.

Now back to the Weekend Rant.... this past week I took in the first episode of Radio-Canada's Il dansent, featuring SYTYCD Canada season 1 winner Nico Archambault. Although it is another dance show, there are no eliminations and it is more of a behind the scenes look at the training the dancers will do to make them more versatile and ready to take on all sorts of challenges. On this side of the border we also had the return of Rick Mercer and the scathing 22 Minutes, as well as Les Parent and Infoman Survivor got off to great start with the return of Ozzie (one of my faves) and Coach (whatever) coming back for redemption. I love this series and all the drama that ensues as they all try to outwit each other.

This week I am hyped for the return of Dancing with the Stars, Glee and Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family. I will be checking out Charlie's Angels, and hoping it is as fun as the last films that were produced by Drew Barrymore.
Happy Viewing!