Sunday, September 11, 2011

SYTYCD Canada -- Finale time!

Jordan should be this year's winner
So you think you can dance Canada has arrived at the finale, and after the surprise decision to have a Top 6 compete for the prize, the dancers have danced their hearts out and we have voted and tonight will be the big reveal.

For me the choice has always been clear since day 1. I was really hoping to see Joey and Jordan battle it out for first spot, but since he was dumped (still bummed over that, the voters really got it wrong) all of my voting has been for Jordan and I have my fingers crossed for tonight.

This season was fantastic as far as dancers and choreographers went, but I still haven't warmed up to Jean Marc's style of judging and just wish he would tone it down. I have had it with Miss Tré and don't see why she is such an expert when she is the only regular judge who has not choreographed a single thing this year. What is that all about? I like to see my judges put their money where their mouth is and strut their stuff.

I do have to say that having more Mary Murphy on the panel was great, and I love her chemistry with Luther. I was in pure heaven last week when Mia Michaels choreographed a number and Mary was gushing over how nice it was to see her. We were spoiled in Canada with having a fantastic number by such an amazing choreographer, but we were blessed with the talents of Stacey Tookey, Sean Cheesman, Sabrina Matthews and Gustavo Vargas amongst others. The talent was amazing, and I hope next season they start bringing back some All Stars so we can see more of the talent that has already graced the stage.