Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Rant - Another Blitz !

Life has it's busy moments, and I am still sprinting non stop for the next few weeks... so this week is another Week in Review and my biggest hits and misses of the week.

I absolutely loved the special edition of Desperate Housewives and their tales of the handyman. Not only was it great to see the ladies in flashback mode (loved the first meeting of Gaby and the girls), and it was nice to see characters like Rex back for an appearance, and I think it is always a great treat to see Mary Alice. The episode was very well written and I laughed and cried with our housewives and the common thread that brought them all together.

Momma's Boys came to a merciful end with our boys and mothers unhappy. Like I said before, I am not predicting any happy endings and I am glad that this experiment is over ... none of the guys really followed their heart and that should be the essential element. In reality, should we even expect anything deep from these self professed momma's boys.. they are used to being told what to do and to have everything done for them.

24 is keeping a decent pace, but is already starting to stretch into more of that
"Did they really do that ? " territory with the apparent shooting and burial of our more than slightly miffed and confused FBI agent Renee. The storyline is still intriguing enough that I am coming back for more and I can hardly wait to see more with Bill and Chloe. Another geek off between Janis and Chloe would be more than appreciated (their mutual admiration for each other was cute as well) and I have the feeling that Janis is the mole and will be kind of like the anti-Chloe to to screw things up for Jack. At least the essential and important elements of this series are in sync , and Jack and Tony are being rough and tough double agents working for some rogue agency because of some government conspiracy. I wonder if the story lines will change now that there is a different vibe at the White House and the new administration seems more public and honest.

Smallville delved into angst territory again this week with Lana still on board and Lois curiously absent once again. I am looking forward to getting back in to hero mode and Lana leaving again, Clark just turns into a babbling idiot and some one needs to give him a super kick in the ass. They have been going back and forth on the hero thing and we better get into some tights soon, or attempts at disguising our reluctant hero so he really can be a force for good and start realizing his potential. I will say that I did like the Lana stuff when she showed Tessmacher how she was the eyes and ears of Lex with out knowing it, and it will be interesting to see what side she will play on now, but I am more interested in seeing things develop with Lois and Clark and for the series to be more action and adventure oriented.

Bones came back this week with 2 episodes and both of them were brilliant for different reasons. I loved seeing Booth and Bones undercover and off to join the circus as Canadians, Buck and Wanda Moosejaw who have this nifty act called Boris & Natasha & their Russian knives of death. Both of them were hilarious and Bones had me on the floor with her deadpan questions and comments. Her blind faith in Booth and his knife throwing abilities was surprisingly logical, and the affection between the two of them is obvious to everyone except them it seems. They had too much fun together at the Circus and it was great to have the show back on the air. I loved the 2nd episode as well, and you could see that David was having too much fun with the hockey theme. I still have alarm bells that go off with Sweets, and am still convinced that he will be a bad guy some time in the future.

The return of Lost was the biggest highlight of the week, and I loved the 2 hour opener that started to answer some questions and reveal some of the secrets of the Island. I love the whole unstuck in time thing that is happening and how it appears that things can be influenced over the time stream if you know the right door to go knocking on... they had already shown in a past episode that there was a distinct link between Desmond and Daniel (The Constant), and now it looks like Daniel can communicate with the Desmond on the Island (in the past), who will remember the meeting as a dream or memory and maybe able to change the sequence of events. The time travel/paradox issue looks like it will be a major part of the storyline and I am interested to see how all it will play out and how it ties into the apparent death of Locke and the need to get everyone back to the Island. I bet that once they are all back, Locke will come back to life (he is very special after all) and things will be changed in the Time/Space Continuum. This show is amazing and I have the distinct feeling that long term viewers will be treated to lots of great stuff this season. It was great to find out more about what happened with the gang on the Island after the big white out and it was a definite treat to have an episode of Sawyer shirtless. I wonder if Jack's hairy chest will come back during one of the flashbacks and I bet we will have at least one time travel episode where our survivors meet up with themselves. That will be a trip.