Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Rant - The Week in Review

Things have started off pretty decently this New Year, and I was very impressed with the returning shows this week. Things are very busy right now so my rantings may be less frequent for the next month but I will do atleast one posting per week.

24 has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and reminding me more of the early seasons of the series. I still have problems with the the time lag and not really getting much background about when and why CTU was shut down and what happened with some of the key players, but it feels better than the last season and I am always a fan of Jack.

The Big Bang Theory is really getting it's groove, and the guys are getting the geek sensibility down to an art form, but I am concerned that Sheldon is going to overshadow Leonard and I hope that his character will not just be the straight man to all the funny guys around him. The characters are hilarious, and Wolowitz was hysterical this week when his feelings got hurt by Penny. I was practically drooling over his figurine collection (it figures that a brilliant nerdy scientist that still lives at home would have thousands of dollars worth of figurines)and I can't get over the details in this show, there must be some serious geeks in that set decorating department.

I am not ashamed that I have been loving Momma's Boys and it is currently one of my Guilty Pleasures. My favorite boy has to be our man-whore/fireman/actor Michael who seems to really like those blond chicks with a huge rack, he also seems to like to take them for a test ride before buying, yet seems put off by girls that are too slutty. Go figure, the guy is getting to be hot after one of the girls (Erica) that was the Penthouse Pet of 2008. His mom thinks this is the perfect girl for him (no one knows her deep dark secret) and it is like a great soap opera. One of the other guys, JoJo, has a very bigoted mother, who freaks at the idea of her son being with anything other than a white girl, and thinks that none of the girls are good enough for her boy. Our last contestant, Robert, is a nice Jewish boy and Mom wants to keep it that way.She doesn't want her dear boy to be with anything but a nice Jewish girl and she has one all picked out for him, the problem is that he really likes one of the girls,and she isn't Jewish or Caucasian and Mom is having conniptions. It's all drama and over the top and terrible and I can't stop watching. I love seeing the moms freak out and how the boys are rebelling like crazy and I have to admit that a couple of the boys are pretty fine watching.It'll all be over this week but I don't predict a happy ending to any of these relationships.

Superstars of Dance can not end quickly enough for me, if there wasn't atleast a couple of really interesting dance numbers per episode it wouldn't get any of my attention at all but skipping over most of it and just taking in the real dance numbers makes it tolerable, but just barely.

I played catch up with Lost and got back in tune with the last 3 episodes of last season, and can hardly wait until Wednesday... seriously I am literally on pins and needles waiting for my next Lost fix.

Smallville came back in full force this week and I just loved the Legion of Super-heroes episode titled Legion. The episode was great due to guest writer Geoff Johns, one of my favorite comic book writers (he does has been doing some great stuff with Green Lantern and Teen Titans and ton of other stuff) and he tied things together nicely in the Smallville Universe. The characters were good adaptations of the original Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy and fit the style of Smallville, and the story was excellent and even reflected the storyline that Geoff had done in Action Comics with Superman and the Legion.Great story and I liked how they tied up some of the stuff with Brainiac (for the moment)and how they hinted at bigger things for Lana. That I am not sure about as the character hasn't really been in the forefront for awhile and to me she will always be Clark's girlfriend when he was a teenager before Lois. In the older version Lana was a hero also, putting on an alien ring that transformed her into different insects and she became the honorary Legionnaire, Insect Queen.I do find it kind of convenient that Lois hasn't been around in the episodes that Lana is in, I am wondering if there is trouble between the 2 girls? In any case I hope they drop the "No tights, No flights" rule pretty quick ( I loved the comment about that in the episode)and get Clark in some tights.. some things are not meant to be hidden.

Supernatural pulled out one of those episodes Family Remains that was terrifying and even scarier because it wasn't ghosts or demons but humans, and unfortunately inspired by the terrible events that transpired in Austria with the father locking the daughter away and doing terrible things to her for years. Dean said it best when he said all this was worse than any of the demons and monsters that they usually deal with. It was a very creepy episode, I jumped quite a few times and thought the storyline was really well done. It was nice to see Helen Slater again on the tube, it seems that she is finding a place in the Sci-Fi/Horror genre. I am looking forward to seeing how the storyline develops with Lilith and how things will play out over the next while, this was a great episode to get back in the beat of things.

Battlestar Galactica came back this week and I loved the first of the final 10 episodes. The crew was so devasted about not finding the Earth that they were looking for but finding the nuclear wasteland that was some planet that had been inhabited by Cylons. I am still not convinced that this was the true 13th Tribe, but it certainly took the story in a different direction. I was shocked with how everyone was crushed, and the worse blow of all was when Dee blew her brains out. It was another example of how profound they will go with this series and how they will change things up so things are not what is expected at all.They keep spinning around who is the Final model, and were dropping hints back and forth about Starbuck (and her discovering her body and ship on the planet -- I still haven't wrapped my head around that one) and it looks like Tigh's dead wife Ellen is supposed to be the final model. The flashbacks with our Final Five have been fascinating, and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.  I bet there is a reunion around the corner with Tigh and his wife, and I can hardly wait to see some of our characters run into their duplicates. Damn this show is good!