Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Rant - Endings & Beginnings

Things finally wrapped up this week for Superstars of Dance, and while there were a few amazing dancer performances, I hated the format, the judging and have no interest in seeing another season. I hope it was the last time for that experiment, I don't think that they really thought it through fully enough before airing the series as it was just bad. Of course, TV karma has compensated for that piece of crap with the return of Randy Jackson presents: America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC), and some really tight and astounding dance routines. The judging is as urban as it gets (and I think the judges push that as far as they can), but there are some outstanding dance teams and I am always in awe seeing them perform.I have been loving the underdog Dynamic Edition team and their fusion of Clogging and Hip Hop. Talk about whack... and more.

The great white North is a step ahead of American friends with the return of Project Runway Canada this week and the second season started off pretty rough for our contestants. With in the first 4 minutes of the show we had our first contestant leave due to an anxiety attack, and not 10 minutes later (and several hours in to the filming), we had a second contestant leave due to other medical issues. I am not sure how the selection process worked for these contestants, but I have the feeling that Iman terrifies them in ways that Heidi Klum can never do and that had quite a bit to do with their stress level and the subsequent meltdowns.

The first challenge was interesting but I didn't like the military vibe. I am happy to see their official mentor Brian Bailey has lost the 70's porn star mustache and is now wearing a more contemporary look, and it looks like a few of the designers have some real talent. I think Jeff has a real chance to go somewhere in the competition, and I am calling Jason out as the biggest poser in the competition. If you saw his "now you see her, now you don't" outfit from the first challenge you would see why. As Iman says, " In fashion, sometimes you just don't measure up", and there are a more than a couple of them that have completely missed that boat. As usual it is absolute Must See TV and I can hardly wait for the next catty episode. It's just a shame that the original series is still stuck in legal limbo, but the Canuck version has almost everything that I want.... it's just missing Tim Gunn.

Scrubs had me in hysterics this week with their Sesame Street episode, and I loved the slightly more adult appearances of the Muppets. The show is hitting it's beat and I still think that NBC made a big mistake with letting it go, the writing is hilarious.

Smallville is still leaving that bad taste in my mouth with each episode that Lana appears in. I am tired of the teen angst portions of our production and I just wish the writers could get over it and get back to the adventure vibe that was happening at the beginning of the season. It appears that my hopes for Insect Queen are being dashed (red kryptonite anyone?), and I really hope they get back to the Lois and Clark thing quickly (no sign of Lois again this week...) and finish up with ninja barbie. Sorry, but not believing the whole Lana /boot camp/torture thing and really want this guest arc to finish up, now.

Supernatural is pulling out great episodes (I jumped several times this week in our ghostly possession episode) but want to see more of the story surrounding Lilith and the Seals. The writers need to combine those elements more or we will all be in Hell before May sweeps even happens. It's called story progression and I need a bit more.

Lost is the bomb (literally and figuratively with our Hydrogen bomb named Jughead) and is blowing my mind with our time travelling Island and the way they are filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle by revealing connections to the ever mysterious Island and even more mystery surrounding Richard. It looks like there might be some more heartbreak around the corner with Penny giving birth to Desmond's baby and naming him Charlie, and the realisation that some how they need to help set things right, but the biggest shock of them all had to be the reveal that Widmore is an Other and from the Island originally... and it wasn't that shocking that he is the one funding Farraday, but learning about the problems surrounding our scientist was fascinating (and probably terribly dangerous pour Charlotte who seems to be linked to all of this) and all this time paradox and radiation can not be a good thing. This show is such a mind cluster frack that I can not stop obsessing over some of the details, and I am all convinced that it has something to do with a crashed Alien ship and that Richard is the sole survivor. Time will tell.. our Oceanic Six were not around much this week (an hour is just not enough) and slowly but surely the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Battlestar Galactica is as enthralling as ever with the current mutiny and unrest with in the fleet and their uneasy alliance with the Cylons.The civil unrest following the huge let down of finding a scorched Earth was not that surprising, but the mutiny on the Galactica will have some serious ramifications for some of the characters and Adama's threats are not to be taken lightly... telling Gaeta that he will die with nothing will be a sight not to be missed. The pacing in the episode was phenomenal, and I loved seeing Starbuck & Apollo work together again and helping to hold off the mutiny. Starbuck looks like she has gotten back some of her kick ass attitude back after being pulled through the wringer. Apollo is just realizing what he is getting into with the current rebellion and it is so ironic that his nemesis is played by none other than the original Apollo (Richard Hatch). The re-appearance of Roslin as the President (finally ending her seclusion for the moment) on the Galactica and addressing the fleet was an astounding moment that may well turn the tide towards a better solution and the cliffhanger ending of Adama and Tighe trying to hold off the mutineers against all odds was classic. Don't count out the old dogs yet, they have a ton of tricks up their sleeves and may the gods help those who stand in their way. As things tie up (damn these episodes start and finish quickly) I really hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all this, I can't believe that there are no other survivors of the human race and the 13th Colony.