Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekend Rant - The start of something new

Things will be returning to normal after next week and I will have time to do more than one posting per week. There have been several times during the week that I have cheered for joy or been completely flabbergasted by something that happened on my viewing schedule. This past week was actually a pretty good one and I can't say that quality was lacking in the shows that I checked out.

Heroes returned with a sputter and has me completely bored with their return after the winter break. If this is the beginning of new storyline I am going to hate to see how it develops, they better get their writers in order soon as the show is really loosing it's luster. Maybe they will make up for it next week and get the ball rolling, but it appears stalled at the moment... I am not digging the start of this round and how we seem to be starting over again.

Chuck disappointed me with the 3-D episode, I watched it and just felt completely meh after ... it's a shame because I am a huge fan of the show, and I thought that if any show could pull of something fun it would be these guys since they are so geeky.... but they missed the ball on that one and took the attention away from an otherwise good story. It's kind of funny that our hobbit and dead ex-druggie rocker from Lost, Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) was a guest star playing another rocker... me thinks someone may get typecast if he is not careful.

The good news for NBC was that I was thrilled that Medium came back to the airwaves this week, and it was so nice that things felt back to normal (as far as anything can feel normal in this series) after that awkward turn of events last season. A large part of the success of this show is because of the characters and their interaction with each other that makes this show sing. I just love the kids and they are always finding interesting ways of working "the ability" into their everyday lives. It was a great balance of vision and interpretation and the story line and all the twists and turns made for a great season opener. Welcome back Allison, Joe and family and the gang at the DA's office. It's nice to see you all together again.

Project Runway Canada has more than enough drama queens this time around, and there is tons of delicious tension and bitching between the contestants. The Challenge this week was to create a look for "their special celebrity muse - Canadian sweetheart and Hollywood A-list celebrity Elisha Cuthbert." I think the A Listing is a tad exaggerated, if anything she is a B List celebrity and hasn't really been in the spotlight recently. The show seems to want to pull out the big guns to get the viewers in and I hope they haven't shot their wad too early... anyways, this group of competitors is pretty whiney and yet another of them is on the verge of a complete meltdown with all the pressure and all. Just shoot me -- I am always agah when I see contestants that are surprised that the competition is difficult and that others don't play nice. Welcome to reality TV, just wipe that nose okay? It's kind of gross when you have been crying like a baby.

Anyways, it all reads like your typical good season of Runway, only there aren't enough over the top gay guys nor a decent representation from Montréal (I am ashamed of you Project Runway Canada - is this your new conservative agenda?) and the end results so far have pointed out the big talent of Adejoké, Sunny and Baylor. Brandon is the one getting on my nerves (there is always at least one) and my underdog favorite was Christie until she freaked this week. I'd would have liked to shown my favorite ensemble made for our Canuck B Lister, but alas the GlobalTV website is crap and I can't get episode photos. Margarita got the boot after her stretch fabric nightmare, but Brandon was put on notice for his trashy dress. Iman is a stunning as usual and a real tyrant on the runway, we need more of her. I loved her Ziggy Stardust t shirt at the beginning, fashionable, classy and fierce.

Smallville shined a light at the end of the tunnel with Lana getting all juiced up on Kryptonite in her new super powered invisible armor that gives her powers and the incredible ability to be able to have hot sex with Clark and break the frame of a solid oak bed with their shenanigans. It appears that she is armored inside and out.... anyways, in her "final appearance" she saves the Daily Planet but can never be by our hero ever again. It appears that Lex orchestrated all this and is supposedly dead (again ) and once more I meh and know that Lex will be back and can only pray that Lana is off being Kryptonite Girl elsewhere and helping out those in need. I can hardly wait until Lois is back and Clark grows a pair. Seriously, enough with the stupid angst, it is not necessary, it's time to get our boy suited up and doing the good deeds and becoming the hero and legend that he is supposed to be.

Battlestar Galactica literally knocked me on my ass with the past episode. I can not believe how much happened in that one episode and the pacing was great. All of the multiple elements working together, the mutiny and resistance, the tenacity of Adama as he took back his ship, Zarek and Gaita and their struggle for power and the incredible strength of Roslin as she rallied the troops. Laura Roslin was astounding when she put it all on the line with Zarek and told him that she would hunt him to the end of the universe for justice, I literally had chills as she was giving him her ultimatum. It was all just an astounding episode and you could feel for the first time in these final ten episodes, a glimmer of hope. After all the disappointment and heartbreak there were feelings of pride and duty and a change in direction. It was the start of something new, and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.