Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - Back and Forth

I am speeding a quick comment in as I am in travel mode but wanted to make this post for the blog and putting in my 2 cents worth about last night's edition of Dancing with the Stars ... it was an interesting week with all of our couples doing either the Paso Doble or the Viennese Waltz. Per usual, there were the couples that shined in a big way and the others that didn’t learn much compared to the previous weeks. The judges still seem to have a bit of a stick up their butts with some of the dancers and you can see who is really pulling ahead of the pack at this time. I still cannot believe that Gilles and Cheryl did not get a perfect score (it was 29) as they did not miss a step. They do look very professional and i am sure that Cheryl is cursing that grouchy old man Len at this time.

Dear old Steve-O will not be hanging around for the competition if he does not get it together. I feel really bad for Lacey as this is her second season and she got a bit of a dud as far as partners go. It must be the luck of the draw and she will have a short season.

Chuck and Julianne are not doing that well and his lack of experience is catching up with him. I still think that the Judges expect more as his wife is the dancer,but it is not fair to judge him on a different level. Even with that said it still will not help out his long term experience on the show.

Lawrence is still not making an impact like previous football players and as hard as Edyta works the poor guy I don't think that he will be around for several more weeks unless he learns how to flow. Edyta is still doing all the heavy lifting (and looks as fabulous as ever) but it takes more than a pretty partner to win.

Shawn and Mark did an amazing job last night and really showed the Waltz off well... I think they still have a fighting chance and Shawn flowed across the dance floor. Great work.

Melissa (who is not a star) and Tony did a great Paso to Lady Gaga (great choice of music) and Tony worked Melissa very hard. She is doing a great job and will go far but I still don't think that just because she was on a reality show that she is a star..but that is in the eye of the beholder. She is still doing a great job and a pleasure to watch.. even if I can't help but make snarky comments.

David got a bit of smack down from the Judges and I feel bad for Kym but David has a problem connecting to the viewing public and I can honestly say that I don't like him. If I had my choice I would put him up for elimination but probably not this week. Soon if he doesn't find a way to connect with his partner and the public.

Gilles and Cheryl (as mentioned earlier) pulled out the best Paso (and best music using Bolero) and really pulled off an intense performance. Gilles is a clear front runner at this point and you just know that Cheryl is pushing him as far and hard as she can. Too bad I don't like Cheryl.

Ty is still pretty stiff (and not in the good way) and poor Chelsie will be getting her walking papers soon for this season. The guy just cannot relax and I found it humorous that this week he had the chance to do a "manly" dance and did a crappy job. He just needs to look at Gilles and see a strong male figure dancing with being to feminine. I hate those stereotypes, it's so ridiculous and especially on a dance show.

Lil' Kim was stunningly beautiful and my biggest surprise and treat of this season. Derek is doing a great job with her and I expect to see her and Gilles battliing it out for the trophy this season. Tonight I would love to see David leave but have the feeling that Ty and Steve-O will be doing the dreaded Dance off....