Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dancing with the Stars – Week 8

17 You can’t say that things were not with out drama last night as our stars were short one (again) due to injury, and that may have opened a door for Ty as he pulled off his best dance of the season last night.

Lil' Kim & Derek pulled out an amazing Paso Doble that had the crowd on their feet and us jumping for joy on the couch at home. Kim has turned in to the shining star of this competition and I can not get over her extension, movement and energy that she brings to the dance floor. She is my number one pick for winner this season, she really does have the whole package.

Gilles & Cheryl – did an okay and very hyperactive Lindy Hop, but I hated the costumes and didn’t think that it was a smooth as the Judges did. Cheryl is quite the task master and quite mean with her partner Gilles, and there are way better ways to get a partner to do well than other than having to be a major bitch. Yes we all know that you want to win Cheryl, but Gilles is the celebrity and you can at least play nice.

Chuck & Julianne did a nice Cha Cha and Chuck is continuing his satin pyjama fetish. Chuck is turning into quite the cheeky little monkey and Bruno is always making comments about his ass, and he is turning into a much better dancer than expected. I still think all the horizontal mamboing under the sheets is probably helping out too and it does give them an advantage not available to all of the other contestants. Despite all, they are improving and having fun and that is probably the best part of it.

Shawn & Mark did a great Samba that was technically extraordinary, but was missing the oomph part of the performance. Shawn still has a problem letting loose and letting her personality out and that may cost her a place in the Top 3. At least half of the points are relative to performance and she has to bump it up a notch or 2.

Melissa & Tony practiced the Jive and unfortunately her banged up ribs prevented her from performing, so we got a bad rehearsal piece that was more about blocking than performing. I feel bad for her, but it seems to be the underlying theme this year and not the first time we have seen an injured performer. Tony is such a sweetheart and I really hope that they have not been eliminated due to the lack of performance last night, I hate to say it but Melissa has been growing on me and I really like Tony.

Ty & Chelsie pulled out a Salsa that was the huge upset and surprise of the evening and probably saved Ty’s bacon. It was his best dance of the entire competition and will probably be the encore tonight at the Elimination. I think that having Dmitri around to show him how to move was some great impetus, but he really seems to like the Latin dances and has been upping his game each round.

Last night also debuted the Team competition numbers and I was blown away by the complicated and fun numbers.

Team Mambo performed to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. This 49group is comprised of Chuck & Julianne, Shawn & Mark, and Melissa is subbed by Lacey Schwimmer (who came in at the literal last minute) & Tony but Melissa will get the same score as the rest of her group. Lacey was astounding for the last minute, and the number was great and for me, the better of the 2. The surprise finish with the guys was hilarious and I loved how the brought it to a whole other level.

Team Tango performed to "Womanizer" by Britney Spears and it’s Lil' Kim & Derek, Gilles & Cheryl, and Ty & Chelsie who make up this team. Tango is usually the force to be reckoned with, but Team Mambo had more intricate synchronised group parts (that were longer as well) and really shone. Tango was great but not as thrilling for me. The Judges felt the opposite.

Of course, it’s now up to the public votes, and this evening I feel that Shawn will leave instead of Ty, but Melissa may be in for some backlash for not performing last night.