Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dancing with the Stars – Week 7

35It’s hard to believe that we are already at the 7th week of competition, and while some of the couples are really picking up steam, some of the others are not hanging in there quite as well and I am pretty sure that our Football great Lawrence will be hitting the road after this week and our poor cowboy Ty will be next on the chopping block.

Strangely, Gilles has fallen off the top spot (but making up some ground once again) and Lil’ Kim is turning into the real surprise of the competition. That girl is hot hot hot and doing an astounding job. There was no specific theme to this week and there was a veritable smorgasbord of dance styles that were featured.Here is my overview of last night.

Melissa & Tony - Argentine Tango

While I do have to say the Melissa is slowly growing on me, I still have a problem with the whole celebrity thing and was laughing at the fact that they got Teri Hatcher (Susan) from Desperate Housewives to give her acting lessons… as much as I love Teri, there are much better actresses on the show and even better vamps (RIP Edie) that could have shown Melissa how to bring out her sexy side. Still, all in all, another good performance and she has amazing extension.

Lawrence & Edyta – Waltz

While I do applaud Lawrence’s attempt to put some clothes on Edyta, she was clearly uncomfortable with all that material and she gets much better scores when she flashes her hoo-ha at the Judges. Just for this bad idea alone Lawrence must go, but his dancing is not helping the situation at all either. The guy is just too out of his element and is the least agile football player to date that we have seen on the show.Next!

Lil' Kim & Derek – Rumba

My favourite couple of the competition is still running strong, and while Kim try to contain her energy and sexiness, she still knows how to get everyone going and has the best presence of all the dancers. I’d love to see her and Derek dance the same number again but with all the passion and oomph that they wanted to and I bet they would get all 10’s from the Judges. I still think that Len is way too cranky sometimes though.

Chuck & Julianne –Samba

They are improving (and I am sure that they practice at home all the time as well) and our real life couple have been picking up steam the past couple of weeks. Chuck was pretty sexy in those satin pyjamas and I think that Julianne was channelling her inner Christina Aguilera with that hair… it was a fun and sexy number and I couldn’t believe how much they moved around the floor. Things are definitely improving for them and they should be around for a few more weeks.

Ty & Chelsie – Waltz

Robot man danced another round and while the Judges may be enamoured with his hold on his partner but I am getting very bored and the guy is just way too stiff for me… and that means it’s a bad thing in this case. Back to the rodeo for you soon my friend but I will miss your energy and tight pants.

Shawn & Mark - Cha Cha

I am starting to get worried that Shawn is developing a crush on her cute partner and I need to remind her that Mark is dating that Cheetah Girl Sabrina, and Cheetahs eat little 17 year old gymnasts like candy. I love that Shawn is getting more comfortable dancing and she gets in some amazing moves, the scary part is her starting to get all sexy and although she is starting to awaken, she is barely legal (well here in Canada, as for the States I think that varies from State to State) and there is that fine line of appropriate and a bit too raunchy. I think I am starting to sound like Len…

Gilles Marini & Cheryl - Viennese Waltz

If there is one thing that I do know this season, it’s that Cheryl really really wants to win this season (and get back that Trophy) and she is working Gilles to death to do it, and it’s almost working. They are making a great comeback after getting bitch-slapped by the Judges a couple of weeks ago and are still contenders. I still see Top 2 with this couple and bet it will be a fight to the death ( or what they call a Dance-Off on this show) between them and Lil’ Kim & Derek.


Group Dance - Tribute to the 60's

We got to see the first group dance and it was a very fun filled 1960’s inspired number with a lot of action. The costumes were great and the energy was phenomenal. I am looking forward to tonight's elimination and expect to be a Football player lighter after tonight, or at the least Cowboy free. You never know... stranger things have happened...