Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Rant – Catching a breath

I didn’t think that I would ever say it, but I am actually looking forward to some repeats and the chance to catch up on a few shows that have been relegated to the sidelines due to lack of time. I may have to think of trimming the Watch List down to something more manageable as I simply finding it impossible to watch every single thing and have time for other activities and work. It may be a question of survival of the fittest, funniest and most fascinating that will keep me coming back. There are only so many hours in a week, even for a Couch Potato like me.

image12 Highlights of this past week included the Final Four performing on So you think you can dance Canada? and all my votes have gone out for home girl Jayme Rae. Not only has she been on that Hot Tamale Train all season, but she has dominated the dance floor each and every time she has performed. I don’t think there is one thing that they threw at her that she couldn’t handle, and I voted my fingers off for the 2 hours following the show. The results are too be announced tonight, and I am pretty sure it will be one of the girls taking home the Title of Canada’s favourite Dancer. The guys were good but the girls were even better. The best thing is that they will be starting the auditions for season 3, and the Top Ten Tour will be hitting Montréal again so there will be the chance to see even more dance.

Dancing with the Stars is really heating up, and the good dancers are getting better while those who are more challenged are dropping off to the sidelines. I was a tad surprised to see Natalie Coughlin eliminated while Stoner boy (Louie) and Michael were safe (it is a popularity contest after all) since she was so much better on a technical level, but she had problems connecting with her partner (a shame) and the viewers. Mya and Dmitry are the hottest thing out there and may win the competition if they can out perform Donny Osmond who is turning out some of the best performances and may be the oldest winner if this keeps up. It’s great entertainment and a highlight of every week.

Glee is still my biggest highlight of the week and damn, the show keeps getting better and better. I love how we are seeing more and more of Will’s talent, the multiple love triangles, killer mash ups and even more Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), who steals every scene that she is in with take no prisoners mentality and do not F with me attitude. She is the perfect villain for our geeky gang, who are learning about life with a few hard knocks and reality checks. The music is phenomenal, I love how song and dance is back (and popular) again.

SMALLVILLE Smallville pulled out a well written episode with Roulette, and they finally got Green Arrow out of his self destructive pattern and back into skin tight leather where he belongs. The episode was well written, had nice balance and spotlighted more of the strengths of our characters than their weaknesses. I like how things are developing so far and this version of Lois is really kicking ass. It is nice to see Chloe developing more and more into an Oracle type character, and running things from the Watchtower, and hopefully it will be time (soon) for more Justice League characters and team ups to start happening. Still, I can’t really complain about this season and hope they have the chance to go for some fun and interesting episodes. I still would like to see some Red and Blue Blur action happening again and get out of the Black avenger stuff they are doing. Superman is iconic for his Blue tights and red cape.

wk3_barbron03 The Sarah Jane Adventures are back on BBC with 2 episodes each week and I am loving the return to the Doctor Who Universe. The first four have aired (loved them) and the ever enigmatic Doctor will be around next episode. Now that K-9 has returned (yippee!), the cast has been rounded out and even though the series is written for children, it is still great to have new Who stuff, even after being terribly disappointed with the last Torchwood mini series.

If anything irked me this week, it was home grown Battle of the Blades and the departure of Barb & Ron who, in my opinion, were probably the best team in the competition and I can’t understand why the Judges booted them instead of Christine & Tie. In all honesty it should have been Ken & Jodeyne that left, but for some reason they got enough votes to keep them safe. With these shocking results this week, it looks like it will be Claude & Shae-Lynn that will win. I wish that the better skaters could have stuck around but if you don’t get the votes you are done for. Too bad, they looked great and skated very well together.