Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Rant – Fall & other Thoughts

image17This Fall has been much busier than I imagined, and between an intensive new job and the quantity of shows that I am following I haven’t had much time to Rant. Not that this is a bad thing either, as a large majority of it would be pretty negative about the writing in some of the shows that launched this Fall. The winners are clearly outnumbered by the failures, but shining brilliantly above the rest of the drabble is Glee. I don’t think that there is anything else on the Watch List that makes everything else stop and is such a highlight of the week. Glee makes me so happy that I can almost forget about some of the crap that I have been watching. The new Stargate Universe series is really not impressing me and I miss having something cosmic on the schedule.Most of my time has been consumed with dance related shows like So you think you can Dance (both the American and Canuck versions) and I am really hoping to see Jayme Rae win the competition here. She has that something special that you can’t really name, and it would be fun to see one of the girls win the second year. Our American friends are getting to the point of picking their Top 20, so as things tie up here they will start picking up steam down south. I just heard that Mia Michaels is leaving the show and find that a shame, she always brought astounding and profound creations to the stage and was a great, positive influence for the dancers that she touched. I hope that she will be back (the show can use her talent) and I hope it had nothing to do with the fact that Adam Shankman was made a permanent judge. If anything, I hope to see her work elsewhere.

myadmitry Things have been heating up on Dancing with the Stars and I have a couple of favourites already. I am loving Donny Osmond and Mya and hope to see both of them go far. Mya has the hottest chemistry with her partner Dmitry and you can only imagine how much fun their training must be together. They look great together and this may be the year that Dmitry steps up and takes up the alpha male spot. The guys are really stepping it up this year and you can’t say that they are not good looking. I am pretty impressed with the level and quality of dance, and thankfully, so far, they have been cutting the deadwood and letting those with potential go further. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in the next few weeks as the Stars seem to be injury prone at this stage of the competition.

The new comedies have been catching my attention and Cougar Town and Modern Family are always good for a chuckle and have been pretty witty so far. Smallville is not that bad and although it has been given a death slot I am hoping to get some decent story. Lois and Clark is way more interesting than Clark and Lana, they just need to stop dumping on Chloe every 2 minutes.

Most of my regulars are true and dependable, like Bones and Supernatural, but I am getting pretty bored with Heroes and starting to lose interest with Flash Forward. At least South Park has come back for another series of episodes and has been as scathing as ever. I still have a few series to catch up with over the next few weeks.