Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Rant – Weekly Highlights & Sci Fi Fridays

This season is off and running, and with the quantity of programs I am currently following I have realized that there is barely enough time in the week to keep up with all of it, let alone rant about it all. It’s a very crazy and hectic and busy time of the year.

image13 A few things stood out this week besides my regular addictions Dancing with the Stars (no surprise Kathy Ireland got the boot, and Tom Delay needs to be next) and the auditions of So you think you can Dance that were a huge treat from New Orleans. The Canuck version of SYTYCD has cut Austin (finally, I think Cody should be the next to go) and Amy (one blonde too many). I would really like to see Jayme win, but will say that the number done by Everett & Kim was the best thing done so far this season and may push both of them farther in the competition.

Glee continues to be my biggest highlight of the week and the guest appearance of Kristin Chenoweth this week was hysterically brilliant and makes me wish that she could be a permanent cast member. I love the integration of her character, the incredible vocals and

Other things that made the grade this week: The Amazing Race is always a winner, Desperate Housewives came back with all the claws out and some great story developments. The series always seems better when Marc Cherry is writing, even if the stories are not that plausible they make for great viewing. Big Bang Theory is still one of the funniest things on the tube but I am really loving Modern Family and all the hilarity. Cougar Town still has my attention but they better make sure it is not a one trick pony as it will lose my interest.

22minutes Survivor continues to shine with our villain Russell and his nasty games. His control seems to be slipping and I am glued trying to figure out if any of the other contestants are going to wake up and see how much of a manipulator he is. Rick Mercer came back this week with a decent season premiere, but the gang at 22 Minutes was so scathing that they made the week a whole lot funnier. It was nice to finally see some well thought out political satire concerning our current minority government and their terrible use of propaganda to try to convince the general public that they are doing a good job. It’s all smoke and mirrors and all they have done is spent more public money trying to convince the public that they deserve a majority government. It’s all very distasteful and about time that some one called them on their nasty games.

Friday has turned into one big Sci Fi/ Scy Fy night and while I love the idea of having a whack of genre shows one night, it has turned into a danger zone for shows that are on the bubble and in danger of being cancelled. Dollhouse may not be around much longer as the ratings are plummeting, and the stories seem quite disjointed this year. Smallville has had some interesting moments (I loved the inside Terminator joke concerning Brian Austin Green playing Metallo) so far this year and is starting to get into hotter Lois and Clark territory… I just hope they give it a chance considering the crappy time slot they dumped the series in.

brian_austin_green_metallo-2 Stargate Universe premiered and I am a tad unimpressed with the pilot. To me if feels like some of the best ideas of Voyager and Battlestar Galactica  were mesh-mashed together without making it work. I almost wonder if we are to discover that there are any Cylons on board or some other nefarious plot, and sorry to say but none of the ideas really feel fresh. I will give it a few episodes to see how it develops and pray that it isn’t another fiasco like Stargate Atlantis that lost it’s focus after the first couple of seasons and crashed and burned. I wonder if the networks take DVR viewing and recording into the equation as they look at the ratings, I have the feeling a lot of people record the Friday shows and watch them over the weekend.

I am looking forward to checking out the CBC’s Battle of the Blades, that teams up figure skaters with hockey players. It might make for some interesting combinations and I hope none of the hockey players forget that they aren’t in a game and take a shot at another skater… but then again it could be hilarious viewing. It’s a very Canadian thing.