Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Rant - November Sweeps

This November flew by in a blur, and while some shows have been hitting it out of the park, there are others that are boring me silly, and after the holiday break I will think twice before continuing on. On the fence currently: Flash Forward, Stargate Universe and Heroes. The storylines are not grabbing me and the action is way to slow.

Smallville has been a huge success at home this season, and I am really digging the heroic storyline with Zod, all the action between Lois and Clark and the further developments with the WatchTower and Chloe. The writing has been great this year, the only thing missing is a familiar red and blue costume that I hope they get too eventually. I am really hyped for the upcoming Justice Society episode which looks great in the preview. This show is the biggest surprise so far this year.

Project Runway finished off this season (finally) and while it was nice to see all the gang back together, the season was boring and it better get back on track next time around, or Lifetime will not be happy with their purchase. I was happy Irina won, she may have been a bitch but she makes some fierce clothes.

So you think you can Dance ? has me confused with their new set (hate it) and some of the new choreographers. I hope that this season finds a better balance, I am not digging the new combination of Judges ( Adam is too long winded) and miss seeing some of the other greats on the panel like Debbie Allen or even Tabatha and Napolean. The show is off a bit this time around, and I am not sure if it is because it feels rushed coming so closely after the last round this summer.

V has still not caught my attention like the original
series, and at this rate I am not even sure that they will produce more episodes after the pilot. As usual, this remake is not as good as the original series and it is missing that delicious tension that existed in the first series as the Visitors created a totalatarian state and were more alien (voices) and had their penchant for eating rodents. Some things should not be changed. The good news is that Elizabeth Mitchell will more than likely be free to do some work for Lost.

Melrose Place heated up and seemed more interesting with the arrival of Heather Locklear, and it may garner more of my attention in the future.... but that will have to be seen, I am not into most of the characters on the series.

The Amazing Race is humming along towards the finish line, but I have to say that those 2 Harlem Globetrotters are pissing me off and have no sense of sportmanship. I hope the team of gay brothers wins and puts them in their place, I hate teams that play mean.

On the reverse side of that, this season of Survivor is one of the best ones ever, and that is mostly due to Russell and his uncanny ability to sniff out hidden Immunity Idols. I have not laughed as hard, or seen things change so radically (those 360 degree turns can make you dizzy) in the space of minutes on this show in ages. I would still like to see Shambo get the boot, she is a mean player (but tries to cover it up) and her come uppance will be quite the site to see. I am in glee watching all this happen and to see everyone scrambling.

Speaking of Glee, the series is incredible and every episode is well put together and brilliant. I love the Diva-off a couple of weeks ago, and this past week's Ballads episode was hilariously entertaining. I hope this show sticks around for quite awhile, it is one of the biggest highlights of the week for me.

I am still catching up with several things, but did grab the Doctor Who Special last week - The Waters of Mars, and it was another incredible adventure with the Doctor. I am starting to dread the Christmas Special and the End of Time as I dread seeing the end of this present incarnation of the Doctor, but I know that I will experience a great story and some outstanding writing. I have kept my last 2 episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures for this week, to tide me over until Christmas.

Finally, I am a tad surprised that Joanna didn't make it to the finale for Dancing with the Stars, I saw her there more than Kelly, but I am pretty sure that Mya and Dmitry will win the Mirror Ball Trophy as they are the hottest thing there, Donny Osmond made Top 3 just like Marie, but he doesn't have that sexy vibe with his partner like Mya, who has literally been burning up the dance floor with all of her sexy moves.