Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend Rant – Short & Sweet

SUPERNATURAL I am in another very busy period (work related stuff) and am just doing a quick Rant before skipping this upcoming week of posting on the blog. Work obligations have reduced my free time, but I appreciate having this outlet and the loyal readers that follow my rantings.

This week was a surprising one on the Dance side of things, and I am still reeling from the loss of Bianca on SYTYCD. I didn’t expect to see 2 of our tappers eliminated in the same episode, and, for the life of me can not understand why Nigel is so horny about getting Paula Abdul on the panel as a judge. I think they have enough wacky energy on the panel, and I am beginning to understand more why Mia Michaels has decided to distance her self from the show. I am still in awe of home girl Stacey Tookey and her amazing number… wow !

Over on Dancing with the Stars, I shed a tear for Mark & Lacey as they were eliminated (too bad), but wasn’t surprised that Mike & Anna were shown the door. I think Aaron was shocked to be in the low scorers, especially after his high scores the night before. I still want Mya to win, her and Dmitri are the hottest couple there.

Supernatural had me in hysterics this week with their TV Land inspired episode. The humour was quick and sharp and had that familiar feeling that a good episode pulls out of you. I just love the guys when they mug for the camera and roll their eyes as they have to do something really corny. The continual shifting from genre to genre was well done, my favourites being the Japanese Game Show, Doctor Sexy was hilarious, and I wish that we could have gotten treated to more commercials with the guys. Watching Sam have to be a genital herpes spokesman was very funny, and the icing on this very tasty cake was the Knight Rider inspired segment, which was far superior to that dribble that NBC tried to sell last season.

240909legend Speaking of remakes, I was bored senseless with the first episode of V … and hope to hell it improves from this point or I don’t see myself watching more than the mini series. They should have kept some of the original format, and broadcast at least 2 hours to hook the public. I barely had time to be introduced to the characters before the first hour was done, and it was missing the intrigue and fascination that existed in the original series. I hope it improves.

Stargate Universe is a heartbeat away from getting cut off the list, and I was ecstatic with the return of Legend of the Seeker, and the return to TV of Charisma Carpenter (aka Cordelia from Buffy & Angel). Damn I wish the days of Buffy and friends could be back but am really liking this series and it’s kinky characters. The Mord'Sith look like dominatrix with these dildo weapons, the stuff that they can get away with in the sci fi genre is ridiculous sometimes.

Will be back soon!