Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Rant - Holiday Time

Having already past Canadian Thanksgiving (last month) we are now at Turkey Time in the USA and the holidays are just around the corner. Things are starting to wrap up for the Fall season, and some of the shows won't be back until February.

I am still not completely sold on the remake of V, but curious enough to want to see more and how things will develop. I still think they missed out on creating more buzz, and they should have shown more of the aliens and their dastardly plans for the Earth to keep everyone hooked, but there was some plot development and I like some of the actors so I am hoping to see more.
Dancing with the Stars surprised me with Donny Osmond winning the big prize (that Osmond Family is huge after all and the whole bunch of them must have voted) instead of Mya. It was a fun season full of surprises and lots of fun to watch, so I am looking forward to the next round.

Heroes is still crawling along (this storyline is taking wayyyyyyyyy too long to get anywhere) and with the ratings in the gutter it is pretty sure that this is the last season. Too bad for that... the show had potential but is just flushing it down the toilet. I am looking forward to when Chuck is back.

Survivor is still churning out one of the best editions yet, with one of the best villains, Russell, who seems to be able to find Immunity Idols like no one's business. I have never seen another player be so sneaky and literally run circles around the other competitors. If the rest of them don't wake up soon, and get him out, he risks to be the big winner. Dave seems to be pretty slow for a genius and the game is going to start getting really nasty over the next few weeks.

Glee is still one of the best things ever on TV and I love the combination of geek and music. More of the club has been showing their singing chops over the past few episodes, and I have been more than surprised by some of the mash ups that have been put together. I am looking forward to the rest of the season and pray for a pick up and another season.

So you think you can Dance? has finishing culling the herd and we are now in Top Ten territory. I am not happy with their final cuts (I would have rather seen Victor and Karen stay and see Nathan and Mollee hit the road), but they are all talented dancers. I have high hopes for Jakob, but this show is not noted for letting gay dancers win the title. Some of the numbers have been quite surprising and I am starting to warm up to some of the new choreographers.

Modern Family is still one of the funniest things on TV, and it's nice to have some hilarious, complex and well written gay characters. Cameron has been stealing the show, and I am completely in love with the snarky Alex. I am still surprised that we haven't touched on a gay issue in Big Bang Theory, but that will more than likely be around the corner, Sheldon seems pretty uptight about a lot of things and I wonder how Mr. Asexual would react to a guy coming on to him.

I am looking forward to the return of Scrubs and catching up on a few series that have been put aside for the holiday season, and will be working on my Top Ten choices for this year. I can't believe how quickly this year has zipped by!