Tuesday, August 02, 2011

SYTYCD - The Sparkle Bra Saga Continues

Things have been very busy here at Couch Potato Central, but I had to make the time to continue my ranting about the 2 editions of SYTYCD and the ensuing Sparkle Bra saga.

Last week on SYTYCD Canada, Teya was put up for elimination and at that time was wearing a Sparkle Bra (it didn't seem to be visible on stage) and was the one sent home, and on the American version, Jordan was wearing major Sparkle Bra and was the one sent home. I am sticking to my theory and every elimination episode I wait in Sparkle Bra alert mode, and if it shows there is lots of finger pointing and screaming " Sparkle Bra" at the TV. I know, childish but it has been working.

On the Canadian side of things, the performances have been great, and I am not sure if the producers have heard some of the grumblings on line, but Tré was introduced as a choreographer and dancer this week, so maybe we will get to see her do her thing eventually. I missed having Mary on the panel this week, and was surprised to see Dan Karaty, who seemed to have vanished off the face of the Earth. It appears he has been doing something off in Europe.

My favourite numbers this week were the Contemporary dance by Jordan and Shane that was choreographed by season one winner Nico Archambault and his partner Wynn Holmes and the other was yet another Contemporary number choreographed by Sabrina Matthews (she is really turning into one of my favourites this year) and danced by Shelaina and Kevin. I loved most of the numbers but have the feeling that time is running out for Geisha and JP and Yuliya and Matt. They didn't seem to keep up with the rest of the pack.

I voted for Jordan and Shane and for Denitsa and Joey. Jordan and Joey are my favourite dancers, and even if Joey was not in one of my favourite performances of the evening, I still think that he is one of the best and hope to see him around until the end.

South of the border, the incestuous relationship between So you think you can dance? and Dancing with the Stars continues as dancers and choreographers hip hop between shows non stop. As much as I liked seeing Lady Gaga on the panel, I was disappointed that it was not mentioned at any time that one of her main dancers, Mark, is from the show and was hoping to see some recognition at one point or even to see him as one of the All Stars. It was a missed opportunity. I did go online to check out all the videos for National Dance Day and all the routines were interesting, and I loved seeing Mary Murphy strut her stuff. There can never be too much Mary Murphy on the show, she adds such insane energy.

Tadd and Melanie are my favourites and am hoping that one of them wins. I am looking forward to the competition this week!