Monday, August 22, 2011

Catching up with SYTYCD

Joey & Geisha - they should have been Top Ten
Things have been very busy and I didn't have time to write last week, but there are a few important things that I wanted to rant about before this week's episode.
I can not, for the life of me, understand how Joey was eliminated from SYTYCD Canada last week and missed out on being in the Top Ten. He was one of the best dancers and had such incredible energy and presence on stage and I am very disappointed that not enough people voted for him. It has to be the thing that I hate the most with reality competition shows is that the public decides and it is more of a popularity contest instead of being about talent. It also seems that the Sparkle Bra curse is continuing as Geisha got the boot and she was another incredible dancer that should have stayed. It was great to see Mary Murphy back and I imagine that she will be around until the end of the season now that the American version has wrapped up, the panel is always so much more interesting when she is there. I am still waiting for Tré to step up and do some choreography for the show and to show us why she is such an authority on dance.

America's Favourite Dancer
And speaking of the US series, it was great to see Melanie win the title and become America's favourite dancer. She is a phenomenal talent and was clearly one of the front runners since the auditions.I was hoping that Tadd would be the runner up but nothing could keep up with the final 2 girls who really kicked some serious butt this season.  It was nice to see such incredible talent this season and the show seemed to get back some of it's groove that was missing last year when Mary wasn't there and they had done too many changes. Things seem more balanced, but I could do with less Pussycat Doll references and would like to see Debbie Allen back on the panel more often, she is really a dance icon. I won't complain about the guest judges though, I found them all to be charming, endearing and damn funny at times.