Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Journeyman- This trip has been cancelled


Checked out the first episode last night and yawn....... 7 Days was a way better time travel series and this seems too much of a chick film/series of personal discovery kinda crap that I really don't like.... so thanks for wasting an hour of my time and don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

I give it 6 episodes before it tanks.


from the Programming Insider:

NBC Passes on Journeyman Pick-Up:NBC has let the option to renew freshman drama Journeyman for the full season pass, and will end the struggling Monday night series after 13 telecasts. The network recently announced it will fill the Monday 10 p.m. hour with former occupant Medium.

For some reason, people keep hitting this page to find out if the series has been cancelled yet, NBC had already put it on notice that if ratings don't improve it will end next week, so although I didn't like the pilot episode, I understand your pain if you risk losing a show that you love. I am however, not impressed with anonymous who has left several comments calling me an ass because I didn't like the show and all comments will now have to be approved before posted.