Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kid Nation - Life Lessons

To kill or not to kill? It ain't a quote from Shakespeare ( sorry Jared) but it was completely and utterly fascinating to watch a group of children decide if the chickens were food or pets.

This show impresses me... and yes if I had children I would definately watch it with them as I am sure it would be a great way to discuss different issues with them.

The dynamics between the different classes and how the kids interact is an amazing social experiment, but if I hear that snotty Pageant girl (Taylor) spout out more comments about how doing dishes or working is below her I think it might be time to either open the Jail or maybe even a good old fashion stockade?
Last night the Gold Star was awarded to Michael, who is probably one of the most mature and hard working kids there and he more than deserved it. Of course, this has opened a whole can of worms with Greg who seemed to be working hard ( for the prize of course) and will probably show more of his nasty side now that he has been passed over. Welcome to the real world kids.