Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - Week 2

The second week performances were a huge improvement over last week, but it looks like the injuries are still hitting our "Stars" and they are dropping like flies. This week we continued with our couples doing either this week's Latin dance, the Salsa or the Quickstep as the Ballroom part of the program. All the teams are guaranteed to perform each style before the first elimination so we pick up from last week's debut.

Unfortunately this week we didn't get to see Steve-O perform after a pretty bad back accident (that hit on his back looked very painful) and the fact that they got judged on their dress rehearsal performance instead of doing the routine.Poor Lacey had to handle the judges on her own and it was a shame not to see Steve-O there. Hopefully things are not too bad and the guy will be back next week.. they got a very crappy score and may have to dance for their lives (well not exactly but Tom Bergeron has been talking about the Dance Off for the bottom 2 couples) and I don't even know if our dear Steve-O will even be able to dance if he has too. That just sucks.

Holly Madison & Dmitry did a half decent performance with their semi Quickstep, but it was just not that interesting overall and Holly is just pretty with a huge rack. Sure there were a few jokes about her chest keeping them apart but they didn't impress me that much.

David Allen Grier & Kym did okay with their Salsa but David is still rubbing me wrong and he has a weird chemistry with the judges and the crowd. I think his saving grace will be the fact that he is not as bad as some of the other couples.

Denise Richards & Maksim improved over last week and Denise actually looked better this week doing the Quickstep ... I am still not sure if she will be around for the long term but better than before. Has anyone else noticed Karina keeping a close eye on Maks and Denise backstage? I think Denise's reputation has preceded her once again.

Belinda Carlisle & Jonathan ooomphed up the routine some what and they are trying harder but Belinda is just not comfortable with what she is doing and you can feel that over the airwaves, it hardly resembled a Salsa and that speaks volumes already. Unless there is some miracle I am not seeing a long term performance here either.

Ty Murray & Chelsie did a much better job and our cowboy pranced around that dance floor in an energetic Quickstep. He still looks very stiff and needs to loosen up but another celebrity that had some pretty major improvement over the previous week. I think some of it must be nerves for that first performance and the guy is way out of his element.

Shawn Johnson & Mark were fantastic and they did a great Salsa, and it is easy to forget that Shawn is only 17. Her technique is great and she is extremely precise with what she is doing, it's just that big fight with all her years of training as a gymnast. Mark was hilarious (and cute as hell) showing her how to move and got get into the Salsa.

Steve Wozniak & Karina did a Quickstep that made me think that Steve was going into cardiac arrest at about the 1 minute mark. I did notice Kathy Griffin in the audience encouraging Steve, but the guy is a hopeless cause and makes we wonder if this is the very Special edition of Dancing with the Stars once I heard about his foot problem ( I loved how they showed him getting an MRI for his foot problem -- money does have it's uses) but I am pretty sure that Steve will be in the Dance Off and can only hope for a quick and painless elimination. I am starting to feel sorry for Karina as she gets saddled with lame partners. I wonder if she pissed off one of the producers or if it's some kind of lottery system that determines the matches.

Chuck Wicks & Julianne disappointed with a pretty tame Salsa in which Julianne did all the heavy lifting. I hate it when the guys get all crazy and worried about looking fem when they dance, when they only need to see a hot Latin guy dancing to understand how it can be male and sexy and still have rhythm. I was happy the judges gave them a scolding but they are probably not in danger.

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta did an amazing Quickstep and Lawrence completely redeemed himself for last week's poor debut. The guy worked his butt off and deserved all the accolade's after his performance this week, he really stood out for me and I hope to see him around for quite awhile now.
Lil' Kim & Derek really brought it with their Quickstep and Kim is impressing the hell out of me. She has a beautiful presence on the dance floor and I am really liking their work together. They got a great score and I hope that this season's string of injuries and bad luck don't affect all the teams.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony were very impressive in their Salsa and although I have admiration for their great work ( and I really like Tony and am happy to see that he is now using Mak's stylist) I still have problems seeing our rejected Bachelor contender as a "Star" ... I try to accept that she was brought in as a last minute replacement but she is a tad too good for last minute and smells like a ringer. They got a very good score.. there is some talent there but it may take some time to get used to.

Gilles Marini & Cheryl closed off the show with a very impressive and the biggest scoring dance of the night with their Quickstep. Cheryl is definitely playing to win this season and hopefully her partner will be able to keep up with her. They got all 9s for their performance which is phenomenal this early in the competition.

I just hope it won't be a Dance Off between our 2 Steves this evening -- if anything it should be Holly and Steve Wozniak facing off with Steve leaving .. it's too early for Steve-O to leave and I hope that he isn't too injured to continue.