Friday, March 20, 2009

Smallville - It's all a blur to me

This week was supposed to be one of those episodes that helps advance the storyline arc on Smallville, but I think the writers are not exactly sure what the hell they are doing and some of the characters are really coming across different than how they usually are. I know the Davis is supposed to be the "big bad" of this season (since we are currently Lexless it was an interesting choice), but the whole angst story with him not knowing what is going on (really?) or being conscious of who he really is (again, really?) and the whole love triangle crap with Chloe and Jimmy is just turning into a bad soap opera.

I really hate how they are turning Chloe into this simpering Lana like sap (and we all know how I love to hate the Lana character) that is completely clueless about Jimmy and the whole stupid Doomsday/Davis thing. This year they have managed to Brainiac her, wipe her memory, give it back to her, and now they have no idea what to do with her since she seems like a redundant character with Lois and the Daily Planet in the picture. They just need to put her back at work in Watchtower mode at the Isis Foundation, coordinating heroes and becoming more Oracle like -- it would work well with the series and she could be useful instead of being the victim of the week. There are rumors that a character will be killed off this season but I am pretty sure that they will do a Death of The Red Blue Blur finale with Doomsday and then show his resurrection for the new season premiere, but they may decide to get rid of Chloe since she is not even part of the regular continuity in comic book land. They haven't even looked at her supposed healing powers or if they even still exist after all the rebooting that they have done with her over the past few months. They really seem to have a problem with writing the character at this time and it's frustrating as she has been the real gem of the series since it's debut.

I am still not liking the Tess-macher character and don't find her interesting or original at all, especially with her now trying to navigate that gray zone that Lex was a master at doing, nor did I buy any of the bull that she was shovelling in the last episode. I almost laughed when she made the allusions to child abuse in her past via her father in that special bonding moment with Clark. I thought it was too obvious and convenient that the plane crashed and burned and that Clark saved her... Clark needs to wake up and smell the coffee, but our boy scout is sticking to his full inspirational form. I am happy that he wants to play hero more, and loved the "costume" change in the phone booth at the Daily Planet. It still feels like baby steps and they need to get the guy in costume and out there as Superman soon.

Any episode that has no Lois is not a great one and they need to get Erica in more episodes, so hopefully the rest of the episodes coming up will be better -- I'd like to see more Justice League action soon... I know that Zatanna is around the corner and that will be sight to see.