Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost - Let's do the Time Warp Again

I am starting to find the time paradox part of the story a tad confusing now in Lost and wondering what (if any) are the consequences of the majority of the Oceanic Six (Hurley,Jack,Kate, Sayid) being back with the Dharma Initiative (and obviously before the purge with the appearance of our young Ben -- and that was brilliant casting with the big eyes and intense stare) while somehow Ben, Lapidus and Sun got stranded in modern day (and all from the same plane -- and not counting Locke and the other survivors of this particular flight) yet there is also the difference that they landed on the test island while only specific players faded out of existence as if they were chosen by the time warp... it's all very intriguing and I can hardly wait to see who things turn out. Sawyer (aka La Fleur) is turning into a better leader than Jack on the Island and gets our gang accepted as part of the new arrivals coming in by submarine. Unfortunately Sayid gets discovered sneaking around the jungle and is captured and identified as a hostile (Dharma speak for others) and is thrown into prison. The drop dead ending with the young Ben approaching Sayid in the cell is the probable beginning of Ben's betrayal and killing of the Initiative, yet with Sayid thrown into the mix it opens up the probable can of worms ... and had me thinking "If you could go into the past and kill Hitler as a child would it prevent all the death and destruction that he caused later in life?" and I have the feeling that Sayid is having some similar thoughts to that at this time. Will he look at this as an opportunity to change the future or is that even possible? Miles doesn't seem to think so and has alluded to the fact that Daniel has left because of that reason (the whole Charlotte thing) but I have the feeling that things can be altered and that is part of the reason with their jaunt to the past.

It was a fantastic episode, and I am on pins and needles waiting to see more and per usual, it all happened too quickly and we didn't even get to see what was happening with Locke and his resurrection, not to mention the current predicament with Ben and the ever mysterious Christian and his cryptic mention to Sun and Lapidus have a huge journey before them.

Can this show get any better?