Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost - Ji Yeon

This week we learned the identity of another of the Oceanic Six, and in a cleverly woven tale of birth(s), we met Ji Yeon, daughter of Sun and Jin.
Sun is another one of the Oceanic Six, and by the end of our story we learn that Jin is dead and buried... so something drastic is going to (has already) happen(ed) and it appears that we know five of the six. My count is Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley and Sun. I didn't count Aaron (Claire's baby) as he wasn't really a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815 but could probably be looked at as a survivor... I didn't see anything posted on the ABC website saying that all had been revealed just that Sun was the latest one revealed and I am wondering if the other member will be revealed next week before the break in new episodes...?
The episode this week was another outstanding one, and every time there is an episode that highlights Sun and Jin I get chills. Yunjin Kim is an outstanding actress and emotes across the screen is ways you can't really describe but have to feel in the moment. Not only was she keeping my attention in the flash-forward and impending birth, but in the present day "on the island" she was kicking butt with her confrontation with Juliet and her rupture with Jin.
I still wish that there was more Lost each week (2 hours would be great) and that we had the time to get more into all of the characters and subplots and their different methods of coming to terms with redemption. There seems to be some common threads and I am signed on until the end of this ride as I really want to know more of what/might/could happen.
It was great that Michael finally popped up.... now the question is how long has been gone for? Why is he on the freighter? Where's Walt? ( I think he is still on the island and that is why Michael is back) and as usual so many questions and so little time...