Sunday, March 02, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia - Ozzy is a god

If any player is making some power moves right now, it has to be Ozzy with his determination, great physical skill, tactics and sneakiness. The guy ruled in the last episode and gave me even more reasons to have such a crush on him.

Things were still pretty tense after eliminating Yau-Man and the next day Eliza is feeling sick (and got some grief from Ozzy and James who regret voting off Yau and keeping her) and there is lots of bitching with Cirie and the way she is trying to manipulate things.
We get around to the Reward Challenge and Ozzy wins it for his team in record time. He uses this great strategy of moving multiple coconuts through the underwater cage and makes it quick and easy for the rest of his team. The Fans try to keep up (to no avail) and get soundly beaten and the Favorites walk away with chickens and eggs. Ozzy decides to go to Exile Island with Kathy and continues his winning streak with making quick work of finding the Immunity Idol. Kathy may think Ozzy is a god, but doesn't see him find the Idol, and Ozzy pays homage to Yau-Man and leaves a false idol in it's place. It looks like our sea-god is keeping things to himself and knows it's a good idea to protect himself.

We get to the Immunity Challenge and once again the Favorites rule and easily defeat their foes. At the Fan's camp there are lots of them looking at Chet as the prime target to get rid of, until Tracy steps in and manipulates the hell out of Joel and gets him to target Mikey. The way she shamed him into taking action and playing alpha male was great, and I hope she sticks around for awhile. It does appear that there is a bit of a power shift at the Fan's camp, and there are some of them that are shocked when Mikey is sent home (he didn't see that one coming) and Chet lives to see another day. Whether or not he uses this to his advantage is another question, as he doesn't seem able to deal with being there and his time is probably limited.