Sunday, March 16, 2008

Survivor: Micronesia - Rough Breaks

It was a rough week for poor Jonathan, who after being banged around pretty hard last week (and getting stitches), ends up getting a nasty infection in his wound and has no choice but to leave for medical care. It's one of those events that you can't do anything about, and heartbreaking when you see how much someone wants to play.

Get well Jonathan, and who knows? Maybe you'll have another chance to play again in the future.

Jonathan did manage to help his team to victory in the Reward Challenge before being sent home, and the Challenge was interesting (build a blockade in a time limit and then have to break through the blockade created by your opponent), and their team made quick time of the blockade built by the other team and won a cool reward; the visit of a couple of local fisherman who will show them how to live off the land.
Meanwhile back with the rest of the players.... things have gotten more complicated for our "new" tribes as losing Jonathan has limited his tribe and now James is complaining that it is " just him and and a bunch of girls" (it looks like James and his harem). Once the visitors arrive and show them a few tricks (the crab traps are very cool) and they get a ton of food for dinner.

In the mean time, his fellow player Jason is off on Exile Island with Chet the drama queen. Jason looks for the hidden Immunity Idol while Chet "rests" and actually finds the decoy idol left by Ozzy. Jason is beside himself with this accomplishment and it's hard to tell if he really believes he has the idol or if he is playing along, knowing that he has found a decoy.

Once we finally get down to the Elimination Challenge, it's a question of strength and tactics, and Jame and his team power through with an unconventional method of doing the challenge (it's about using a couple of different stepping poles to help teammates cross to a platform in the water, and Jame's team move their teammate and the pole together instead of making steps), and it means that someone is leaving from Ozzy's team. There is some discussion about trying to get rid of Ozzy, but Chet has asked to leave as his foot is swollen and he can't deal with it.

Personally I found that Chet just wimped out from Day 1. I am still trying to figure out how the hell he got chosen out of all the Fans to play, as he never seemed really into the game from the beginning, and wasn't even willing to go all the way and try to play harder. I am just glad the Ozzy didn't blindsided and eliminated (it seems to be a going thing this season) and still have hopes for him going all the way. Ami has been playing very well (and more subtly than some of the other players) and I hope that she can go far. There seems to be a growing consensus that Cirie is dangerous and that she needs to go.... and I am eager to see how all of that will play out. Things keep shifting around quickly and it's hard to keep track of all the players but it still seems that the Favorites are the dominant force in the game.