Friday, March 28, 2008

Make Me a SuperModel - Final Four

Make Me a SuperModel has been the latest "Guilty Pleasure" that I have been watching (as usual on Bravo, probably the gayest TV station in the universe), and been enjoying the competition, the beautiful people and the amazing photo shoots that they have been doing each week. After a couple of months of competition (in real time no less) we are finally down to the Final Four and after this week's Reunion Episode, we will know who wins come next Thursday.

Ben has improved greatly since day 1, and from his last photo you would never know he was small town middle America, your kind of "good old boy"... he has been getting some good looks off in the past few rounds and is rocking that body.... but we all know that he was kept around due to his "awkward sexual tension" and "bromance" with fellow contestant (and roomie) Ronnie. The crush that Ronnie has on Ben and the way they support each other has been really cute and kept both of them in the game. This is Bravo after all ..... and you know that the viewing public is made up of lots of gay men and single women.

Ronnie has been my favorite contestant in the competition since day 1. Besides being beautiful, openly gay and very smart (in that sexy kind of way), he has the most haunting eyes that jump out in his photos, and he has pulled off some very incredible photos during the competition. Ronnie works hard, is rumored to be the best kisser of all the guys and is liked pretty much by everyone. His infatuation with Ben was adorable .... and played up quite a bit in the show. Not much of a surprise since we all know Bravo's target audience.

It was great to finally see a very positive gay role model in the fashion industry that wasn't all drama (like our friends at the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency) or stupid as a post (like the gang at America's Most Smartest Model).

All of the competitors who went all the way will have some dynamite photos in their portfolios after having the chance to work with some of the biggest names in photography.

Holly is the last girl standing... which again isn't that big of a surprise considering our viewing public once again... of course most of the girls were eliminated in the beginning to keep the guys around (and at one point there were 2 girls left and almost all of the guys). Although you can't tell by this photo, she usually has this great pixie cut or short bob hair style and has taken some great photos over the season.

Holly also has this huge southern drawl and has gone on a rant a couple of times about things like " Squirrel gravy" and freaked the boys out with Turtle soup... she is fricking hilarious and has this great hillbilly side that balances out the tension that seems to go with modeling.Probably one of the greatest things about her is her whole body image concept and the fact that she is not a "twiggy" model, and couldn't care less. She knows that kind of pressure will always be around and she couldn't give a crap and that makes her a huge winner in my books. I think she has a pretty good chance of winning (if Ronnie doesn't) and I hope she realizes that just by being the last girl she has already accomplished quite a bit.

Perry is the last of our Four, and in all honesty I have never found him that interesting. He is a tall, good looking guy, but I find that in the majority of his photos (and catwalks), he is always the same and not really my kind of guy. His final photo shoot pulled him out of his box (quite a bit) and he got an interesting photo off, but he still doesn't do it for me.

There was a ton of manufactured drama with him and his (ex)girlfriend and some crap about Britney Spears and the National Enquirer and I really couldn't care. All of that is so last week and it really doesn't mean anything.

Perry is the favorite of one of the judges, Tyson (yes the Tyson .... and that seems slightly inappropriate in that "Paula Abdul judging and boinking the boys on American Idol " kind of way. I really hope that it isn't him that wins as he has been that interesting or remarkable... yet he is still around and the majority of the other models don't even really like him.
Hopefully that is how it ends... we'll see on Thursday!