Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weekend Rant -- Going for Broke

Jericho grabbed some points with me this week as the story line developed a bit more, we saw a couple of characters that haven't been around much this time around and our deaf character (Bonnie) made the ultimate sacrifice this week and looks like she is becoming a martyr for Jericho.

The developing storyline (which took too long for me, they should have tried to make things roll quicker with their limited amount of episodes) grabbed my attention and I suddenly was interested (once again) with the town of Jericho and their struggles to survive in this "Brave New World".

Unfortunately I think it was a little too late and I doubt we will see anymore episodes after the final 3... which might be too bad...

Pussycat Dolls present Girlicious is the kind of bitch fest that I can really appreciate and has turned into one of those "Guilty Pleasures" that I can stop watching... as usual I am cheering for Ilisa (the tall redhead that doesn't fit the same breast-enhanced mold that most of the other bimbos came from) who is the under dog, but is more real and talented than some of the Britney wanna-bees. Their little group competitions each week are fun to watch and there has been some great stuff so far.

I have developed a strong dislike of Natalie who thinks she is " all that" and the sure fire winner. The thing that kills me is that winning is for a spot in a group of 3, and if you can't play nice with others I don't think that you will win ... after all talent and the right slutty look isn't the only thing that they want... you have to be a team player. ( Mind you anyone else remember Destiny's Child ?)
Pussycat Dolls CEO Robin Antin looks like one tough bitch to please or is that because her face is so tight she always has the same expression? Does it really matter?