Saturday, March 08, 2008

Project Runway - Finale

So after all of the hoopla last week and deciding between Chris and Rami as the last designer to present at Fashion Week (and I was disappointed that Chris didn't make it to the finale, I mean anyone that has the gall to use human hair as trim has certainly got more vision than our draping queen...), we finally get down to the last hour of this season, the big Runway show, guest judge Victoria Beckham and some closure to this cycle.

I can't say that I am completely happy with this season.. maybe it was some of the awkward breaks but I wasn't feeling the energy or excitement that I usually do when it comes to the big finale.

I wasn't thrilled that Christian was the big winner either, I felt his collection was too repetitive, too black and not user friendly (for lack of a better description). Is anyone really going to wear all those puffy sleeves and pilgrim inspired collars and hats?
yeesh... I still haven't figured out what all the hoopla was with Christian over all and am not sure if it's because he was " so fierce" about the competition or his personal style. Anyways it didn't really do it for me...

Although I wasn't initially thrilled that Rami was rounding out the final 3, I was pretty impressed with what he put together and thought that this outfit (at right) was one of the nicest things that he had put together all season. The weaving was extraordinary and as usual his draping was impeccable. His collection started slow, but when it got the "evening gown" part it hit the roof and he really showed his strengths.
Jillian pulled together some nice stuff as well, and her look was reminiscent of the art inspiration challenge. I like most of her pieces but was slightly confused by the little Roman dresses that were shown. She blew me away with some of the detailing that she did and I can see her stuff being worn by tons of women.
I honestly thought that either her or Rami would win, but in the end the judges decided that her collection wasn't enough and she was the first eliminated, thus leaving it between Christian and Rami.
Of course there was no surprise that the judges went with the fan favorite and although not wearable (by most women) it oozed the creativity that they wanted and Christian can now add something else to his fierce resume. I just hope the next season flows a bit better...