Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Semi Finals

I just wanted to make sure that I got a quick posting off before they decide the couples for the finale next week. While I was a tad disappointed with some of the dances last night, I was ecstatic (and I think they were happy campers also) that my favorites, Lance & Lacey, did such a great job last night and jumped to the top of the leader board. I was in panic mode for a few minutes when I saw Lance kick his shoe off by accident, but like a true performer he just kept going and did a great job.

Brooke & Derek had a disaster of a first dance that was full of errors and even if it bumped them down the standings. A couple of weeks ago you would have thought it was impossible for them to door poorly but it shouldn't affect being in the finale unless the public doesn't vote.

I am still pulling for Cody & Julianne to be there next week as the third couple. I think Cody has grown incredibly during the contest and I would love to see him go on, but Warren & Kym have some great chemistry and have lots of fan support and that may pull them through and bump off our golden boy. Mind you, there are all those teenage girls that keep screaming when he struts his stuff ( I thought his Paso Doble was great) and that may be his saving grace... we'll know later tonight.

I do have to say that the pros they brought in to perform last night were astounding -- the lifts and quick feet were insane, are they sure this is not some extreme sport?

I am still betting on Lance winning the whole thing -- he has been a great performer and deserves be there next week after getting their best scores of the season. Go Lance & Lacey!