Friday, November 28, 2008

So you think you can dance Canada - Top 6

So you think you can dance Canada got back on track this week with the much awaited departure of Izaak (a few weeks too late for me, I would have liked to have seen Vincent as one of the last men standing) and the unfortunate dismissal of Lisa. A couple of weeks ago I was sure that Lisa would be there until the end but Natalli has really impressed me (and enough of the voting public) over the past few weeks and Allie has just been a complete revelation. It goes with out saying that Nico is the front runner for the title and I will be surprised if anyone else comes close. Miles has been great and gone much farther than expected, but I think he is missing the technique that Nico has. It will all play out next week and I can hardly wait.

It was fantastic to have Mary Murphy back on the judging panel and I am hoping she will be around next week for the final round. The choreographers have been better than expected but I was completely bored with Tré's Step Number and the entire time was trying to figure out who put it together (I believe my exact words were: Who choreographed this crap?) and then had a panic attack when they announced it was by Tré. I am just crossing my fingers that her fingers aren't going to be all over the Tour when they hit here in February.

Here's to Nico as the last guy standing (and winner of the first season) followed by Allie for the final girl. We'll see once they shake their groove thing one last time on Wednesday.