Friday, November 14, 2008

So you think you can dance Canada - Top Ten

I am still cursing myself that I didn't have time to post before the Elimination this week, not that it would have made any difference as voting closing 2 hours after the show, but more to get my opinion out and tempt fate. I still can't believe that Izaak didn't get voted off this week after his poor performances, and I was even more shocked that it was Danny that got the axe. The way the girls in the audience scream like banshees each time he gets on stage made me think he was a sure thing. You just never know....

As for the girls, I hate to say it but I called it after the performances that it was Kaitlyn who was going to leave ... and all for the simple reason that she wore that damn wig in her dance number and confused the voting public. She looked too different with the long hair and missed out on the rest of the competition.

The best news was hearing that they are going to be doing a Tour with the Top Ten and I can hardly wait to find out when they are coming to Montréal to see them live. Per usual, Nico strutted his very hot stuff and I have a whole new appreciation for our Ballerina, Allie after seeing their breathless Waltz. Allie's solo was red hot and showed that naughty side of ballet we don't usually see and it made me look at her in a completely different light.

Seeing the dancers perform the amazing choreography of Mia Michaels was a huge treat. I hope that she will make another appearance or 2 on this show and if would have been nice to hear her feedback or see her working with the dancers. They seem to have a problem finding that balance of time in the results show.

I just hope the voting public wakes up -- I don't want to see any of my favorite dancers leave and voted for 6 of them this week, so I have to love CTV and their unlimited voting. Luckily I was spared losing one of my picks (sorry Danny and Kaitlyn, but I didn't vote for you nor vote for Izzak or Lisa) and this week we probably risk losing Izaak(sorry buddy time to go) and maybe Natalli if the public doesn't vote more for her... things can get ugly quickly when any yahoo with a TV and a phone can vote.
Wake up Canada !!