Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Rant - The Week in Review

This was another gut wrenching week in TV land and per usual for every high point there was something else to counterbalance. TV karma can be interesting at times.

Although I haven't mentioned the Big Bang Theory much this year (so far), the gang had me in hysterics with Sheldon's " Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock " and the explanation on how it all works together. The show is not missing a beat this season and is still one of the funniest things on the tube. I loved seeing Sara Rue again! I hope to see her around more but was really hoping for more of my favorite Sarah Gilbert and wondering if she is going to add more spice to the current love triangle.

Chuck broke my heart with Chuck vs the Fat Lady featuring the return of his Ex Jill and then the big reveal that she is an agent for FULCRUM. I could see that one coming a mile away but it just seems cruel to be tugging so deeply at Chuck's heartstrings. I loved all the inside nerd jokes and Sarah's jealousy and can see where they are going over the long term and I think that we will all be happy with the end result. Morgan got the Buy More back under control from new Assistant Manager Milbarge via a hilarious wine cooler induced drunken rant (Tony Hale is as brilliant as usual) and I have really been enjoying the flow of this season. Adam Baldwin kills me with his inane ability to communicate so much with a simple mmphh or some other grunt. Sheer brilliance.

Heroes current storyline Villains is much more adventure driven and making for a better story than the last ark, but there are parts that seem disjointed and I am having a problem understanding (and following) what they are doing with Hiro and his current regression to a younger mental age. Yes, I know that it is all due to mean Mr.Petrelli and all his awesome powers but I just feel that they are exploiting the Hiro character so that he can just repeat the fun things that made him interesting to begin with.

I love Hiro and want to see him go to his potential and be the kick ass hero and not continually being bounced back and forth and trying to find his mission. I am still a tad peeved that Monica has not been around this season and thought that her character had great potential.

Some the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together... and seeing Elle and Sylar getting all chummy is really interesting (even more so know considering their newly revealed history) and they are quickly becoming the most interesting part of the ensemble. Peter is returning to his old emo self and our flashback into floppy haired Peter territory didn't really help. We'll have to see what things look like after the mysterious eclipse (again?) that will take away every one's powers. Let's hope it works on both sides of the spectrum, and it's both the heroes and the villains that start shooting blanks or things are going to get very messy very quick. Time for the cheerleader to save the world?

Pushing Daisies had one of it's best episodes ever with " Oh Oh Oh . . . It's Magic" that was well, magical. Ned reluctantly agrees to help The Great Herrmann ( a fantabulous guest appearance by Fred Willard) who is the headliner and owner of the Conjurer's Castle, and his animal assistants are being mysteriously killed off in a series of freak accidents. I thought it was kind of a strange coincidence when we learn this episode that The The Great Herrmann has been a surrogate dad to Ned's half-brothers Maurice & Ralston ever since their father abandoned them and disappeared during a magic show at the Castle. Hermann felt kind of responsible and told the boys that dear old dad was off doing important things.

The character development was phenomenal as we learned more about Ned and his dislike of magic (more issues with dear old dad) and his bond with his half brothers. We also got more insight into Dwight Dixon as he gets to know the Aunts , and is apparently linked by military service. I love Aunt Lily and how she is instantly suspicious of his motives, and can see that he is after something more important. He knows a lot about the family and seems to be looking for a watch (that is supposed to be buried with Chuck but he discovers her empty grave) that maybe a clue to treasure or something. He is also looking at getting closer to Vivian. I think the most touching moment had to be at the end of the episode when Olive chatted with Lily and in a role playing scenario talked to her daughter for the first time (lived via listening device by Chuck) that was so touching and real that you could feel the emotions between all of them.

Damn you ABC for cancelling this show... I can only hope that some network would be willing to pick it up and give it the credit it deserves. Another example of a brilliant yet cancelled show.


Smallville left a cliffhanger at the end of an episode that won't be resolved until the new year (a tad early to finish this part of the season for my taste but you can't do anything about that) and there was this Cloverfield vibe that they had and it actually worked. I am not always a fan of the camcorder type footage but the the blurry looks and quick takes that they put together worked although I would have preferred a better look at Doomsday or better yet, seen Davis "transform" into the killer. There hasn't been a clear look at our boy in his destructo mode and it's going to be a hell of an episode when we have the big fight between our reluctant hero and the biological matter that came from Krypton. It maybe that Lex is around some where as well and I am not sure if that looks like some other Brainiac type equipment as well. It was a great visual to finish the episode.

It was nice to see the wedding, loved the stuff between Lois and Clark (and once again, Erica is such a kick ass Lois, I loved her in military mode getting the wedding put together) and liked how the writers handled the return of Lana (all dark and brooding) and the potential for some big tension between her and Lois. Lana opened Clark's eyes that maybe it wasn't the best idea that he had Chloe's memories of his super past suppressed (as did dear Ollie mention something similar) so I have hopes that after the big Doomsday/Brainiac storyline that Chloe will be our super BFF again. I loved seeing the preview for January and the appearance of the 3 founding members of the Legion of Super Heroes. I can hardly wait to see how they slip Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad (or whatever incarnations they will be) and the whole time travel thing into the history.

Supernatural is really good this year and the current storyline with Angels and Demons is astounding. I loved the surprise revelations this week and the whole concept of Angels falling and losing their Grace (which can be found) was an interesting twist on the mythos. This week we got treated to seeing Dean make out with our fallen angel, Anna (just as steamy as the previous week when we got to see Sam) and it looks like the boys have been working out. The story plays out epic and I loved the big fight scene and seeing the demons get toasted when Anna gets her Grace back. Learning that Dean has a Hell induced Stockholm Syndrome was a surprise (I just assumed that you get tortured and don't have any option) and I can understand his grief over the bad things that happened in a bad place. Jensen did a great acting job and I am looking forward to the rest of the season starting in January.

Survivor - Gabon is being completely manipulated by our pin up girl, Sugar, and if she keeps playing this smart (and she was damn vicious this week) she is definitely going to win this edition. I was in complete hysterics the way that she manipulated Randy and poor Bob (your time is numbered my friend) with the fake Idol fiasco and almost lost it during Tribal Council. i don't know if any of the other players are catching on, but she is running the game (in the most subtle way) and I love how everyone goes to her with their ideas and secrets. I just feel sorry for our Bromance couple of Marcus and Charlie who have to deal with Randy being on the Jury and being with them at Ponderosa. If things don't change soon expect Sugar to be the ultimate Survivor of Gabon.

On a final note, I have been checking out the new The Brave & the Bold cartoon series starring Batman and a new set of rotating guest heroes and I like the format and starting to adapt to the new look and style of Batman that they are portraying. I am finding it reminiscent of the 1960s style Batman, but the stories are more contemporary and the guest stars more current in the DC universe. It feels like the art direction has been influenced by The New Frontier movie by Darwyn Cooke. It is interesting that they have him working more and more with other heroes and hoping this will translate eventually into the film work and maybe even more animation. It's fun seeing a lighter Batman (not all dark and broody but definitely more of the the dominant and all knowing Batman portrayed in comics. It's some interesting stuff but I really miss the Justice League series from a couple of years ago.