Friday, November 21, 2008

So you think you can dance Canada - Top 8

For the second week in a row I plead with the Canadian public to get rid of Izaak. He is the weakest dancer and things are now getting to the point of being completely ridiculous. This week he was teamed up with Arrassay (one of the strongest female dancers) and she saved his ass on the Tango with her incredible work and won the Judge's admiration and still got sent home?

I hate to see who is going to be paired up with our Unlucky Charm this week... it looks like I am going to have to intensify my efforts and use every land line in the vicinity to get as many votes out there for my favorites of the competition.

I have no idea who and why is voting for Izaak (and everyone that I have spoken with all ask the same question --Why?) and I hope there is some kind of reality check this week and it's truly the worst of the best and not the cream of the crop that is sent packing.If not, I plead once again for people to vote for their favorite dancer and keep the most talented in the competition and not to lose perspective.

This week special guest judges Mia Michaels and Dan Karaty joined our regular "permanent" judges Tré Armstrong and Jean Marc Genereux on the panel, and it was fantastic to get some feedback from Mia. I have a ton of respect for her work and her and Dan seemed to be very impressed with the quality of dance and I love how Dan said that the censors work different here as some of the stuff the dancers were getting away with on stage is way more graphic than what could be allowed in the USA. Of course, Dan saying that our dancers are second to none was a fantastic compliment and makes me wonder if we could one day see an edition of So you think you can Dance North America ? and we could have the best dancers from all of North America.

I really hope the voting goes better this week as we work towards the final in a couple of weeks. On a side note I got tickets to see the Top Ten perform live and will get to see them on February 14th and I can hardly wait! With the quality and level of dance already seen on TV it will be a great show!