Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 7

The competition hummed along this week with Lance & Lacey still staying number one in my heart but lower on the board due to that damned group number. I do applaud the efforts to push the "Stars" further and make them do more... but it felt like the scoring was too harsh for the first time around.

At least we finally got around to Susan Lucci leaving (bye bye Erica), and if poor Cody doesn't find some chemistry with Edyta he will probably be the next to go. It's rough losing a partner so far along in the competition and as much as it would be nice to see Julianna back, her health and recovery is more important. There seems to be quite the competition between Julianna and brother Derek this year for that number one spot. Brooke seems to have it in the bag at the moment but I am still not counting Lance out, the guy knows how to entertain and takes bigger risks creatively than Brooke does.

It still seems that Lacey is rubbing the Judges wrong (she is a bit too much out of the box for Len) but I really applaud her wanting to bring some other flavour to the dance floor. I really like her work and hope this won't be her only season on the show.

Warren is still doing okay, better than expected for a big guy and he has great charisma and I still see him going farther than Maurice. He may be one of the fastest men on Earth, but he is so inconsistent on the dance floor. I still think it will be a fight to the finish between Lance and Brooke.