Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 3

This season is certainly out doing the last one.. not only do we have several `better` dancers than in previous years, but some of the performers are getting scores wayyyyy higher than previous competitions. (atleast this early in the game)

Last week played out pretty much how I figured it would, and Monica and Penn left (I was surprised that Adam wasn`t gone but he has been full of surprises so far) and after our first 2 performances and the double elimination we are down to a`regular` single dance/single elimination competition and seeing all the different Tangos and Jives last night was a real treat.

Marlee Matlin is still kicking major butt in the competition... and you can`t help but be impressed by the fact that she dances up a storm and has such `musicality` for some one who can`t even hear the music. Seriously, the woman is a strong contender at this point and has been getting some pretty decent scores for her Jive last night.

Steve Guttenberg did a bit better last night, looked more serious (it was the Tango after all) and did a nice job with his dance. Decent scores as well, but not sure if his lovey dovey attitude will keep him in it or if his lack of dance ability will do him in eventually. He does a better job than last week and that is encouraging.

Cristian de la Fuente looked like bambi caught in the headlights last night. I personally wasn`t that impressed with his performance ( the judges thought he was better) and he got good scores. It looks like he is terrified of being in the bottom 2 again and I am not too sure he will go real far... my choice for one of the least popular this week.

Mario was all whining and complaining about being too busy and not having that much time to practice over the week... and personally I think that is in very poor taste, after all he did make a committment to the show and is now not able to give it his all? tsk tsk.... he did an okay job, his partner seemed kind of pissy with him but you can`t deny that the guy has talent and presence and I hope to see him around for awhile still.

Shannon Elizabeth impressed the hell out of me last night... not only is our awkward girl who is all legs pulling out some hot performances, she is picking things up quickly and looked great. She put so much into the dance she needed to rest after (it was very cute) and I hope she hangs around for awhile, she has great potential.

Adam Corolla was a surprise... not only did he look like he was dancing (big improvement over last week) but he looked like he was having fun, and stayed in character for his Tango. Julianne looked great in her dark wig, and did a great job with the choreography. They even got a decent score and it was a very pleasant surprise indeed!

Marissa Jaret Winokur has such energy and charm that you want her to do well... but I really think that her partner and choreographer Tony, let her down last night. Her routine was pretty dull for a Jive.... and the judges felt the same way. I hope she sticks around but is probably in the bottom 2 due to lack of content.. and it would be a shame to see someone of her talent leave so early.

Priscilla Presley is still the biggest shock of this round. I still can`t get over how well she dances and the way she portrays different characters each time around. Her Tango was hot, she ruled the dance floor and got one of the highest scores of the night. I hope she is around until the finale, I am utterly fascinated each time she is on the dance floor, and that is the sign of a good performer.

Jason Taylor is still a beautiful big man that moves so smoothly around the dance floor.... and has the attention of pretty much all the viewing public. Graceful is not a word usually associated with football players, but it suits him well and he is great to watch, and pretty damn sexy. He got another good score, and a small kick in the ass from the judges who told him to let go and make it work. He should be around for quite a bit still.

Finally we got around to Kristi Yamaguchi who pulled out all the stops (again) is practically running away with the competition. All that figure skating experience is paying off and all she learns now is to emote.... her Tango was lacking `fire` and `anger` but she kicked ass in a very big way. Expect to see her around for quite awhile.

We`ll find out tonight... hopefully Marissa will be hanging around longer and I would prefer to see Cristian hit the road... we`ll see.....