Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Medium - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

I have really being enjoying this season of Medium. The entire season has had a special extra "oomph" in the various opening dream sequences, and following last week's "Deaf" episode we have Alison in Silent Film mode. The looks and characters were dead on, and having her kids as the "poor little ones" and all the financial problems was another reflection of her life being interpreted in her dream.
Medium has it's deep moments (as well as tons of funny ones), and I was pleasantly surprised by her wake up... alone and GASPLESS... instead it was not what is usually expected and so predictable and very cute and funny.

The appearance of the ex-DA Devalos was another welcome surprise and he's one character that I have missed a lot (and he will soon opening his own office so I expect to get more of him) and then in the spirit of funny coincidences (are there really any with a psychic involved?) the appearance of old time nemesis Larry Watt, Defense Attorney from Hell. Larry popping in as the savior in Alison's dream and then popping up in real life with a case he wants her to work on was just one of those surprises. Methinks there is a theme going on with this episode.

This particular client has been accused of killing his wife, and Alison's first impression is that he is not guilty and that seems to look good. As the story progresses, we get another surprise as Alison sees "the client" disposing of the wife's body and it seems that he is covering for his mentally challenged daughter.

Surprise! It's actually the other daughter, who has already bumped off a previous mom and pinned it on her sister as well (that is just plain evil) and in the end it's Dad who takes the fall, confesses and is off to prison. Alison has her eye on that daughter now and I expect her to return at some time.

The side plot with Ariel and "selling her services" as a psychic to make some cash was interesting, and I loved how mom took care of that and explained why she doesn't want Ariel showing off her abilities and possibly changing other's perspective of her. It was a good follow up and an interesting tie in to the underlying story from last season, of Alison being "outed" as a psychic and all the ensuing turmoil since that point. Maybe this episode was to help tie some of that up and to now let things become more stable and move forward.

That would be a nice surprise -- and a completely fitting ending to this episode. I love surprises!