Tuesday, May 27, 2008

American Gladiators -- Now with extra Gladiators!

The second season of the `New & Improved` American Gladiators has been kicking some serious butt since it came back a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully the ratings will be going up after the past couple of weeks of `so-so` performances (due to stuff like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars) and we will be in for several more seasons of the show. I am not sure if it`s because it takes a bit of time to warm up to the characters (they are all new after all), but Crush and Toa (pictured-- what a man!) have been gaining points with me each week for their great performances. Crush is beautiful and tough as nails, and Toa is one big beefy tattooed hunk of a man that has a certain look that I find very appealing...

They have been adding some events this year, and Rocketball looks like too much fun (seriously-- I would love to try that one out) and I like some of the other games like Skytrack and Tilt and stuff like Vertigo that I checked out on the Australian version of the game.

I think it`s great that they also have a few smaller guys as Gladiators now (Zen and Rocket), making the games more accessible for smaller guys ( small being relative, most of the guys are still hulking beasts) and making it more about different strengths. The smaller Gladiators are used for the challenges that involve speed and it`s a nice balance to see on the show. The fun thing is that each week they are introducing new Gladiators, and each one seems to blend in well with the crew, and the challenges are getting harder and harder.