Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend Rant -- End Games

Our wacky season (seriously-- a strike year is not a good thing) is wrapping up... and even with the abbreviated seasons and feast or famine situations, there was some decent story telling this year. Maybe this year was one to force the actors and writers to do their best possible in trying times, but I still feel cheated in many ways and really hope that we don't have another one of these situations again for quite awhile. Amen to that.

Dancing with Stars broke my heart this week with the elimination of Marissa, but I can hardly wait to see the Finale this week and watch Kristi win the trophy. This has been one of the best seasons ever.

Samantha Who? ended the first season well, and I am glad it has been picked up for next year, the chemistry between the characters gets better and better each week and I love the flashbacks to "bad Sam" and the continual struggle to do the right thing.

Medium was different this year, but had tons of interesting elements and after all is said and done things seem to be more back to the status quo of season's past. Maybe it was an experimental season, but I enjoyed it and happy that it will be back again next year.

American Gladiators hit the screen again this week, and not only do I love the new games (Rocket Ball rules!) and the new Gladiators (long and lean is so sexy...) but I am concerned about having a pregnant Layla Ali so close to the action. This show is too much fun.

Farmer wants a Wife continues to be the Guilty Pleasure of the moment, and besides the trashy psychotic girls (yeah-- we found your address on one of the magazines and we are stalking you), it has had some really bad innuendo thrown in. "Sorry to have hit you with my big wood" says Farmer before letting one of the city girls go. The fighting between the girls is getting all out of hand (those slutty church girls) and it is just plain insanity.If Matt wasn't kind of cute and some of the girls weren't kind of okay this would be like watching some really BAD VH1 dating show....

Smallville ended this season with lots of stuff blowing up (as usual) and more angst than should be allowed on any TV show. It was all pretty dull and predictable, and my hope is that Lana is gone for good, Clark finally gets it on with Lois and that they find a decent villain to replace Lex. I am not sure how the show can make it with out Michael (Lex).... he simply made that character into one of the best versions ever. I think it's fine time that they give Clark a spine and get him to start being the hero that he is destined to be.. besides if they are in the final season then go for broke. Thank god Chloe is back next season.

Supernatural did a season finale as it should be done -- great story, fantastic cliffhanger ending and the visuals were astounding. I wonder if we could get these writers to take over for Smallville for it's final season and give Clark some balls? The brothers were spot on (as usual), Lilith is the scariest kid ever on TV (yikes!) and I loved seeing the struggle to try to save Dean. Here's hoping some one gets out Hell real quick-- it doesn't look like fun at all.

There is still more to come over the next 2 weeks -- and then all the new summer stuff that is on it's way.... including my favorite " So you think you can Dance?" and more of the insanely funny Kathy Griffin. For every ending there is a new beginning... or some kind of crap like that.