Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Season Finales - Waiting for next season

Desperate Housewives managed to save a difficult season with a fantastic finale... not only did we get lots of dirt on Katherine (and finally got the real story behind her secret), but we saw more bonding between our ladies, and I really liked the wives banding together to save Katherine after she kills her psycho ex-husband. Wisteria Lane holds many secrets.... and having the right friends can make such a difference.

I loved the whole "flash forward" ending and the new possibilities that it brings to the storyline.... and wonder if it was a glimpse into the future or where things start off next season. I am completely hooked on Gaby being a mom (to twins?) and some of the possibilities that we saw.... and need to know what the hell happened to Mike. Good work there Mark Cherry-- you got me hooked again.

Bones ended the season with a quick wrap up of the Gormogon storyline that was too convenient for my taste.... I loved the whole fake death at the beginning (and Bone's reaction to finding out the truth)... and was right into all the red herrings that were being thrown around implicating Sweets and Hodgins as possible apprentices to the killer. When all was said and done (and blown up)... it seems that Zach was the apprentice (what???) and that part of the story is tied up.... only I see some huge dangling plot twist that has the skeleton disappearing the same time that Zach gets hurt -- so I don't see how he did it and still think that Sweets is involved. There is still something that doesn't sit right with this story and I want more closure. I am sure this will be followed up next year. Now hopefully next year we get more scenes of Booth & Bones chatting in the bathroom ... Booth was looking pretty damn fine in that tub.... but is that anyway to treat a comic book?

Dancing with the Stars finished up pretty much how I thought it would, the only difference being that I wanted to see Marissa in the final 3 and not Cristian.

The Finale was typical of season's past, the judges award the same score to the 2 final couples (why bother? it makes no difference) and it all comes down to how the viewers voted. Kristi went in to the finale with a perfect score, and had the highest overall scores that they have ever seen on the show.... so for me it was pretty much a done deal that she would win. There was that small outside chance that the public could have voted in droves for one contestant, but I think the judges would have tried to balance things out if that was the case.

I do get a tad tired of these " Walk of Shame" moments that all the competition shows do as they celebrate those who fallen in competition... but it was a trip to see some of the dancers again (and you still ask why some of them were there from the beginning as they look so out of place, sorry Monica) and it was nice to see that lots of the previous dancers from season's past were around to see the action. It's a feel good show, and I was happy to see Mark win as well, he is such a cute guy.
Congrats to Kristi & Mark for a great season, and I am looking forward to the next one!