Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Semi Finals

The Final Four took to the dance floor last night, and while maybe not the first choice of the Judges, I am still pulling for Marissa & Tony to go to the finale next week and in all honesty I am hoping for Cristian to hit the road. Usually if a contestant is injured, they are removed from the competition, and while I admire that Cristian and his partner (the every demanding Cheryl) are trying, Cristian is still too limited in his movement and I DO NOT applaud the Judges in their giving him high scores... this is just silly and pandering to him. Let`s have some full dances and turns for a change, and Cristian always looks like Bambi caught in the headlights at the beginning of each dance and it`s simply not cute any more at this point.
Jason & Edyta are still doing well, and they did some nice performances last night, but the couple to beat is still Kristi & Mark. They are doing the hardest and most complex routines, and the Judges are being too critical on the tiny details, especially when they are doing tons of moves the other competitors would not even attempt.
I think it`s time our Judges got off their high horses and gave them a break-- seriously.
So-- I hope Cristian hits the road- and that next week it`s a battle between Kristi, Jason and Marissa for the Mirror Ball trophy. Good luck Marissa!